Serious question..... I’m pretty new to this... and I don’t understand what the benefit of powering up is (for me)? It seems that powering up only benefits other people, when you like there content? ..... having said that i did buy a bunch because i heard it helps... but not entirely sure how


It's true that it benefits others via your increased upvote but there are tangible benefits to you.

  1. is increased curation rewards. When you vote on a post, you earn curation rewards and the more sp you have the more you earn.

  2. You earn interest on your steempower Holdings, which not many people realise. I think the current figure is 9.5 or 8.5 percent. Which is excellent.

The third and more intangible benefit is the increased kudos that higher sp grants. I know that sounds a bit wanky but the more sp you have the more committed you appear to the platform. All steempower holders are essentially shareholders in this great thing we call steemit! People Doo pay more attention to those with a higher stake. It all counts

Also, after the last Hardfork you gain more resource credits the more sp you have which affect how often you can comment vote etc.

Finally, you can upvote your own posts with your VP so it's not all for others. If you do do this,I would do it after 15 minutes as you will then be eligible to earn curation on your own posts!

As a side note on voting yourself, is fine too vote your own posts but it's not really the done thing to vote on your own comments. That's seen as a bit spammy.

Hope this helps!

That was incredibly useful.... thanks

You are very welcome! :0)

With this low price everyone is taking advantage and others are going crazy

There is a lot of crazy going on!!

I've been debating doing so, I'm just not holding any BTC atm and I'd need to get it first and the whole shebang... but yeah, I think I might end up doing it.

We'll see what happens. Sorry for the serious comment.

Hehe, I don't mind a serious comment! Just don't make a habit of it waggles finger

It is the perfect time. Not to go all in in case it dips further but certainly to dip your toe. I am buying some and keeping an eye on the price. If it starts going up I will buy more before it gets up to a dollar again. Sub 50 is a good buy in my opinion. When and I do mean when prices recover it will be quite the good investment

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