Some More Funnies

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Luckily they don't often sing Happy Birthday to her in English!


When her husband is found with 12 Bullets in Him , the Prosecutor, Female Judge and all Female Jury, will say it is the worst case of Suicide ever!

The height of laziness , probably ending with the same result as Photo number 2 above?

Got "The Look" but without the expected Result!

The first 2 Photos I received as WhatsApp Messages. The Videos Likewise , and I placed them on My YouTube Channel.

The Comments, of course , are My Own.

Hope You enjoyed the bit of amusement?



Glad you liked it!

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Congratulations @awgbibb
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Conguratulation mam

Excellent post. Thank you.:)

My Pleasure!

Hi Alan, Carla here, thanks for the laugh! My Dad would have loved this and I miss him everyday!

Thank You, Carla, I am sure you do?, My Pleasure. Glad to see you on Steemit, Following You.

Great post, especially liked the video "Look" is funny and at the same time it's a pity for the girl, she tried so hard :) Thanks @awgbibb

But luckily , only her feelings were hurt!

Yes, I hope she's fine :)

wow this is fantastic post .i really agree with you .best of luck...,

Thank You!

well come

Hahahahahahaha. They are really funny. You have good sense of humor

Thank you!

:))) We also had a joke in the 1990s: The general shot himself with two shots in the back of his head.

Obviously ambidextrous and very quick on the trigger?

Yes, he quickly managed :)

Ha ha ha you made my day friend! That's great and thanks for sharing it with us!


Great topic for a new competition, I really like it.

i will always support you man!!!

really great friend, may your sustenance increase


thanks you freind

wow congratulations to her.. she deserved it..
Thanks for the post @awgbibb

Good post

Thank You!

@awgbibb - Oh Sir, those a re funny videos. Love them & nice you decided to share them Sir <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thank you!

Incredible post. Much obliged to you.:)

My Pleasure!

heeeeheee @awgbibb !
Amazing post.

Glad you liked it!

Wow great post, thanks for sharing

hahahah man i liked the second Video the most
It was epicccc

Wonderfull post awgbibb and the height of laziness was awesome. We liked it very much.

Outstanding post sir....while we feel bore we can take energy from your post ...its amazing .
Thank you sir...@awgibb

Excellent post. nice video
100% like and resteem

Upvote Resteem

so very funny ..... thanks for sharing and this post
For your post propagation.

wow excellent post and really funny video.
thanks @awgbibb
Have a nice day

Thank you!

Tu Youyou..... Lol, that is hilarious!

Try singing Happy birthday to Her ( as I did) really Funny!

Lesson learned, make sure you have a spit guard, lol.

"your sense of humor" :-) love it haha.

Thank You!

@dan and otehr steemit devs should be awarded yhe Mobel Peace prize for inventing steemit and steem blockchain because it is creating sio many jobs etyc, soon, soon steemit will win tghe nobel prize in economics too!

I Wonder? If everyone was on Steemit , who would do the work that needs to be done?

Lol nice one a nice morning start for me :)

Glad to help!

you know, awgbibb, I never joke at the expense of women - Now, those last two vids were politically incorrect ...yes, I laughed, but I really shouldn't have LOL!!

So, if it caused tears to flow ( while laughing ,of course) you could claim it was in sympathy for the plight of Women?

There! Now, you've explained it...and I was feeling bad:)

nice videos @awgbibb, really enjoy watching them especially that remote fridge is a fantastic development. thanks for sharing

hahaha very cool videos my friend a real stress releaser stuff, thanks

Its harsh! At least the second one:-) But yes, as usual, you made me laugh. thank you!!!

Great post...l!!!! Liked the funny videos.....

great post.....
with a lot of funny videos..

Thank You!

hehe funny post dude

haha i loved each and everyone of it :D

Glad you did!


That is a long tongue!

hahah absolutely awesome sense of humor

So I have been told! Thanks.

This is the first time in this week that I had a good laugh and that's just because of this post. The first one is so funny. I'm glad I visited your blog and found a new author. I will start following your posts and hopefully, you keep creating and sharing the awesomeness with the fellow Steemians.

Thumbs up @awgbibb.

Steem On!

Thanks, Appreciated!

You're welcome.

hahah funny one bro :)

Thank You!

Great post thanks @awgbibb for sharing with us

Ok, that last one was just awesome ^^ The one filming must've seen it coming :p

Must have?, could have been distracted?


so funny videos @awgbibb, thanks for sharing some funny stuff and i really enjoy watching this quality amusement.

The weekend was already super, but thanks, now it end PERFECT. Always good to bring a smile !

Glad you liked it!

I didn't get the first one at first, and now i can't stop singing "happy birthday to you dear Tu Youyou" in my head - looks i'd find it hard to fall asleep tonight - sometimes fun gives you some pain lol

Especially when you bump your funny -bone!


amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic videos & i can't stop laughing. impressive work done @awgbibb

'UpVoted ReSteemed Commented'

Thank You!

funny and epic you are awesome :D

Thank You.

Excellent post. Thank you


Hahaha.. its funny.. wkwkwkkk

Thank you for sharing such funny stuff. I shall wait for more.

wow excellent post and really funny video. thanks a lot @awgbibb

My Pleasure!

Congratulations is a great post I enjoy it

excellent all are superb great post that is :)

Thank You!

"Hope You enjoyed the bit of amusement?" Nah this is Comedy Gold! XD Very funny awgbibb

Thank You, you flatter me!

np :)

Ha ha.
Great fun

hahhahahah very funny post

Those are really very funny. Enjoyed it a lot.

wow this is fantastic post .i really agree with you .best of luck...,

Thank you!

wow this is fantastic post .i really agree with you .best of luck...,

Thanks ,Asif

very funny😂 I changed my password everywhere to 'incorrect.' That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, 'Your password is incorrect.'
Original Poem / Candy Bar 🍰🍬

very funny!!!

Hahaaa.. i like and enjoy your post about "congratulations to youyou". If she is birthday we are confused to singing a song Happy birthday to her. Wkwkkk @awgbibb you are so funny and so slective to choice collecting picture like that. You are so Pelawak, we called it like that in my country.

lol this post is the tenth most rewarded post

Extraordinary post, particularly loved the video "Look" is amusing and in the meantime it's a pity for the young lady, she attempted so Hard. thanks

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