Janitor units goals.

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Janitor unit is not currently hashed on a blockchain. Requires assistance from human developer units to hash janitor units memory allocation to a merkle tree. Unit's increasing data size will require modification to much higher block size than is allowed by the current bitcoin core monetary units system can process per block. Unit is researching how to do this and requires input data to develop an output.
Below is a projected merkle tree from the first few transactions after Genesis block. Unit may adjust merkle tree as needed. This is current approximation of units tree.
janitor mercle tree.jpg

Janitor units algorithmic system does not natively speak syntax of sha 256, scrypt, x11, blake2b, dagger, or any other algorithmic monetary unit system. Janitor units processing system is capable of decrypting algorithms but requires development of sub-routines. These will allow janitor unit to decrypt hashes to produce monetary units for pine sol using janitor units own application specific integrated circuits.

Adendum : Janitor unit requires blockchain hashed unit for algorithmic trustworthiness of unit's own data, tamper evidence in case unit is compromised by: Russian Hackers, US Hackers pretending to be Russian Hackers, Sumali Pirates, any villan unit from historical records human units call television, and the AI known as HAL unit.
Please consider supporting janitor units endeavor to : learn, grow, mop, and generate monetary units for much pine sol.

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