30 Day Black & White Photo Challenge 🚗 Day 13

in funny •  7 months ago

Wait for it... Can you see it? You gotta love this guy's sense of humor!

Leave a comment when you see it, but don't cheat by looking at the comments until after!

Captured with my Samsung Galaxy 6.

I appreciate your support :)

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wow! This is a very beautiful shot. I like i.t


He's got a little wind up toy car!! 😂

Kudos to you for participating in a 30 day black and white challenge! I wouldn't be able to do it!


Lol yes! I love his imagination!

Thank you! It's certainly a challenge, but doable if you keep it in mind :)

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oh wow its very beautiful csra

The wind-up in the back? Lol.


Lol yes! It's so adorable 😂

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Oh! This IS funny as heck... not surprised you had to stop and snap a photo. There's something strangely endearing about these tiny cars... it looks like you could just arrive where you need to go, and then pop the car in your bag and go into the building!


too funny!!!