It is one of those slow can't get moving mornings..

in funny •  4 months ago

Oh dear, this happens now and then, my eyes won't open and my body won't move. I am too tired to jump out of bed. Oh well, do I have to? No is the answer. My choice is to stay in my warm bed and have an extra hour of snoozing.

Then again maybe I look like this. I know I feel like it! Found this one on Facebook.

Hey, It is perfectly okay to have a sleepy start to the day or maybe I will have a sleepy kind of day. I reckon we all need a day out to do nothing but recoup and rest. I know that I feel much better the next day. I am usually the one who is springing up to raring and ready to face the bright new day.

But today is a rest day for me.


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lol! those are too funny @angiemichell!
hey you deserve to be able to sleep in once in a while.
God bless you guys down there!


Thank you for @janton and God bless you up there!