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RE: Frank Key's Hooting Yard and the Tradition of Grand English Nonsense

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Hello. I am a bit late – I found this through where you are mentioned – but I just came to add my voice to the chorus. Frank Key is the absolute most wondrous, and every week my partner and I look forward to a new episode of Hooting Yard on the Air.

I like when he mixes factual asides in to the stories, which are often more unbelievable and absurd than the fiction themselves. Shorter Potted Brief, Brief Lives is full of these fantastic truths. I especially liked the bit about Muggletonians, who tried to ban hot air balloons in case they should bump into the heavens.


Whaaaaat!?!? I'm mentioned on the Hooting Yard website?

This is so cool. I think I'm going to hyperventilate. Someone bring me a pippy bag to breathe into, post haste!

It's true, I love the way he mixes the absurd and true into his fictions. One of my favorite moments was when he was talking to Miss Blossom Partridge about knitting, and she suggested storing wooden knitting needles in a bowl of rice. Frank laughed so hard, he thought she was making it up! It was so sweet to hear him having the same reaction we have to his work every week.