The $100,000,000 pizza

in funny •  10 months ago

Here is an old 2010 bitcointalk discussion you might enjoy
(assuming you haven't already heard about this)

That is the original thread, where a guy had offered
10,000 bitcoins for a pizza

With the recent price of bitcoin going well beyond $10,000 the total value paid for the pizza has now exceeded $100,000,000
(hundred million dollars)

Since he was so happy to have bought this pizza, I would like to offer the same deal to anyone that I will give you a pizza in exchange for: an island, a yacht, a castle, a butler, a ferrari, and a pile of gold bars.

It's a good deal guys, it's only a matter of time before pizza is worth billions.
I mean, USD is inflationary so that is actually true.

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I forgot about that ahahaha

This story has been retold every time BTC goes up.
The point is, every pizza could have been a 1 million dollar, if you invested it in the right commodity.


of course it is told many times, it is the most hilarious way to explain how far bitcoin has come in 7 years, and very few things raise their value so much.. what are you talking about every pizza could be a hundred million dollar pizza lol

This shows the great rise of the BTC over time.
You chose a very good example

Better than expected! Clever post.

Soon people will talk about steem this way
Now that steem price is still some few dollars one should take advantage of it

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