RE: the return of wxzurd a techshaman

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the return of wxzurd a techshaman

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Is that techshaman from the 1337 Discord server?
Need some lessons bro, sounds like you know you stuff.

So whats up with this new upgrade?
I see they have "down voting power now"?

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sup sup it is the one in the same techshaman hehe

yeah i know right

"downvote power"

what in the hell! is that !!?

i wonder what those crazy kids will come up with next xD

Sweet Steem!

I'm just getting used to the platform.

Think it might be so people can self-regulate better to vote for a ban or censor on dodgy content. I mean if a post has 99% downvotes...hmmm must be bad?

Then again a raging ignorant crowd can be scary when you the minority.

If every object has a shadow

every social network has a downvote.

Fallout Downvote