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I commented on another post today and it reminded me of this funny video I watched about a year ago. Many of you silver bugs probably remember it but it still makes me laugh every time I watch it.!!

In a previous article I illustrated how most people won't accept or even understand the value of precious metals and why cryptos will most likely be prefered in the future. If you're interested you can read it here:


Enjoy the video and upvote if you find it as funny as I do.


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It depends where I am. If i am sitting on an abandoned island then probably a Hershey bar. In any other situation I would most likely go for the silver haha. Have fun out there and good luck with future posts!

I saw this video a month or so ago and had a couple of conversations with people in my family. Pretty ridiculous that people would choose the chocolate bar.

The guy seemed upset when the guy took the bar at the end of the video haha but I guess that's the price you pay for offering and recording people for content.

lol...I love that video, and when the lady was concerned if the Hershey bar was real was priceless!!

This shows that the common folks dont know the value of silver hence why the rich is getting richer and others remain contant. They rather go with a chocolatte and eat themselves sick..good post.

Thanks. Hope you got a chuckle at least. :)

Yes, great post. Thanks for sharing