Some Funnier than Others! - by @awgbibb

in funny •  9 months ago

Only those who do a lot of Work around the House will understand this!


South Africans will fully understand This!


Obviously not a Grade A1 Wheel?

How a Joke can really Backfire!

Give a planet a Bad Name ?, it will never Recover! ( Can you imagine what it's inhabitants would be called?)

All of these were received via WhatsApp from Family and Friends, Not my Property ( but did invade my Phone!)

The videos were converted on My YouTube Channel to make them compatible with Steemit!

Enjoy My Friends!

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If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off?

Hahahahahahahahahahahah thank you so much for doing such funniest posts all pictures are very funny and again I need to say that you are an angel who is soreading smile at everyone's face

hope you will visit my post like last time and again you will make my day with the high upvoting power @awgbibb


@fruityfizza you are right, @awgbibb is great supporter because he also supports me as well and Great to listens the nice words about him because he really deserves that

Im an engineer and you never know what kind of tools will come handy to use when your doing a job. Funny post. Thanks for sharing .

hahaha Exactly this videos really too much funny m realy enjoyed that thanx for sharing dear😍😍

this too funny it made my day thank you...

So Good Post. Thanks

So funny.

really funny guys. wonderful blog.

i enjoyed all the video

this video are really funny & injoyable i really injoy this thank you @africanunit for shareing

& thanks to @awgbibb sir too

your everyblog is super!this blog makes funny videos. i enjoyed your articles.

The video in which the fat guy sat on bicycle was funny.

The videos were a lot of fun, I enjoyed it.

hahah the last video reminds me of a girl from my country, participating in "Who wants to be a millionaire". She didn't know the answer of the first question and then in the end the host literally told her the answer but she didn't believe him...

Oscarpistosis haha
I followed her case poor girl Riva.

That video with Ghost creeps me out, i hope it is a prank all the way to the end.

always funny @africaunited

enjoy while watching this very funny video, it's amazing my childhood thank you for sharing my friends

So funny videos. Good interesting post

Those are hilarious. I can really relate to the tool expectations one.

interesting videos

haaa, funnuy
and interseting video,

helarious video

a very fun video

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

Hahaha.... I laughed out so loudly that everyone started looking at me.. Lol

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You know @awgbibb I am laughing too much after reading out your posts because this post is realted with the funny world

thank you so much for sharing, supporting me,, and Hope you always will support me like that

interesting So funny videos

It's a handyman tool, just a certain handyman who can play the thing ..
If the artisan does not have the expertise with the object, then he would have to learn to people who already know about how teraebut play.

Uranus one very funny, canned myself

can't put a finger on uranus, hahaha

made my weekend, thanks for the post, oscarpistosis, hahaha

lol the Oscar Pritorious one cracks me up!

So funny videos. Good interesting post