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I was surfing the internet when I saw this crazy useless invention that are ... well... Irrelevant. Pointless even. Here’s our top most useless inventions of all time – just to remind us not to get too cocky.

1 The Blonsky centrifugal-force birthing device has proved an inspiration for many people for many purposes.

Birthing Centrifuge (1965)
This patent reasoned that one way to make childbirth easier on mothers was to spin them around in a circle while they lie on their backs, allowing the centrifugal force of the rotation to pull the baby out of the birth canal.
2 "massager" no comment

3 device for obtaining fresh air

4 Cushion, combined with a protective helmet

5 Musical instrument, spewing flames
If you want to highlight a little his game on the tube, you can simply attach it to spray the fuel gas and the ignition button. What could be simpler!

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