The Advantages Of Having A Muck Around Account! (G'DAY POST)

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Yep, you read that title right. I'm gonna ramble on about some of the advantages of having an account that is your and (hopefully) only yours for mucking around with!

Now when I say "Hopefully", what I mean is that it is the account that is hooked up to various platforms via Steemconnect and no matter what some of the people would have you think out there, the truth of the matter is the following:

There is absolutely NOTHING on the internet that can't be hacked!

Simple as that.

So when you think that you are safe and sound and that everything is honky dory, well think again!

However, that isn't the topic of this post, sort of, part of it is, as you just read above.

So why is that relevant?

Well, a muck around account that is hooked up to the various platforms out there, isn't the account where a person keeps their money is it!

Well, I would hope not. Not the bulk of it, or maybe, who knows. I won't be keeping it here!

It will be tucked away nice and "safely" in my SP and wallets all over the place, so that if something bad happens to one of the accounts with my money in it, the others hopefully won't be butchered away and cleaned out!

So you see, that is why the above little theory I have about NOTHING being unhackable on the net MATTERS!

Sauce or Source or Whatever, you know why this link is here

PS. the link is there so that no wanna be virtual police officer comes back with a load of BS and NOISE!
& just a FYI, the link is in the HTML, check SteemD if you don't believe me, I didn't c/p any photo, so my advice to the loudmouths out there is "Go get a bloody life"!

Next reason I can think of, without sounding like I am writing this post off the top of my head:

It gives a person the means to just have fun, to literally "MUCK AROUND" or "JOKE AROUND" without anyone looking down on them.

Well, sort of.

It isn't on your "Serious" account and most people won't even notice that it exists, they may even report your "Muck Around" account as a fake account, as an "IMPOSTER"!


Wouldn't surprise me.

Or here's one that is even better, someone may report you for "Raping the reward pool"!!!!

Imagine that!

OMG, some people out there, they crack me up with their stupidity!

But seriously, and I mean really seriously, no BS, no Mucking Around, this is an awesome way of just enjoying your stay on a website/platform/social network, without all the BS and NOISE!



See what I mean, you can get away with murder by being yourself and not stressing out about what anyone else thinks or how it will affect your "Blogging Career"!

Yeah right, my "Blogging career".

ROFL (literally)

ohhh almost forgot: Source

Here comes the best one of all:


Pretty self explanatory isn't it, the code allows it, I paid for it, so to those who don't like it and disagree with it, go somewhere where you can make your own code and rules up and be the king or queen of the virtual world you made for yourself.

and here is your source source

Thanks to "Sa.... Sa..." for this gif, borrowed it from you know where, love it, perfect for this post and the serious nature of this post!

Do I really need to explain any more about all the wonderful, fantastic, great, cool and lovely reasons why having a place to just have a good time online and not have to stress out about anyone else and what they think or how any grammar nazi or virtual cop is going to react to anything you do RULZ!

Seriously, if you still need to be convinced, then man, I suggest we hang out some more, because I am sure we could find some really funny stuff to talk about and enjoy the time we spend together!


Ohh by the way, I'm not stoned or drunk, I'm just having a laugh and saying it as I see it!



& the Saucy Source

& remember:

& when I can't laugh at you, I'll laugh at me!

So, in my good ol' tradition I wish a:

Goodnight to everyone where it is night time, Good morning to everyone where it is morning and G'day to everyone else.

Yours truly



Time to BUGGER OFF...


When I posted these exact sentiments I think I earned .02 lol - very well executed good sir - my upvote & re-steem to you!
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

Love this my friend 😉👍 I love to laugh and funny goofy things are the the way you put your words and hey... That butt bubble is a favorite... Can't go wrong with it..
Many butthugs 🤗🤗🤗

It was perfect, so perfect that it just had to be used. It says EVERYTHING a 2,000 word essay can't explain!

But who o who wrote this master piece.....

Lmfao that bubble butt got me rolling man!

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It was perfectwe really should have to allot fun times is our day.. relieves us from a stressful life.IMG_20181129_071229.png

So true mate, so very true.

Thank you very much

I have so many wallets and exchange accounts with balances in them it's insane. Crypto is kinda fun that way I suppose. Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Great post.

we really should have to allot fun times is our day.. relieves us from a stressful life.

I would try to get a muck around account but my phone is such a POS I am about to smash it with a hammer.

We've all been there!

I've had a few UFO's flying around my suburb (aka Jacks phones)

Ok so most people that have been around here for a minute are down with the "reward pool rape" phrase. It's tired and overused so think we agree on that.
Reward pool abuse, on the other hand, is a real thing and many people mask their behavior using them, good, bad or any shade in between using alt accounts. Often it's not difficult to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to the user and other times it's a chore. One of which many are willing to undertake.
Not too fond of your use of the word virtual cop as you seem to be using it with a negative connotation.

Would I fall into that category or would you take a look at my work and give me an 'atta boy'? I ask you this in all earnestness.
If you don't have the time, I worked using Python to help coordinate a sizable dent being put into two abuse networks. One using ripped off memes and one using random pics and quotes. Common thread was bid bots and numerous accounts. I hope you are savvy enough to understand why that's not good for honest hardworking users on the platform.
Something you said really jumped out to me.

the code allows it, I paid for it,

Reminds me of back in the day of the controversy regarding Sweetsssj brought to a head by Walden. The "protocol allows it" debacle. Hope you don't take this the wrong way but I see it as a cop out.
Surely I could use my skills for my own enrichment in ways that don't really help the platform but perhaps they give me a relative advantage over other users but we know pursuing that is unsustainable when scaled. A platform that rewards excellence and truly realizes the potential that proof of brain brings to the table. I think we have a lot of users working to that end such as @utopian-io and it's great to be a part.

I know there is a lot of gray area and maybe I sell my self short by not using the bots but I disagree with their mere existence as a matter of principle for they are counter to the objectives of curation. No matter how you slice. It's not really about promotion. If that was indeed the sole purpose, ask somebody to decline rewards. They have been a vehicle of ROI and enrich the sellers more than anybody.
Do we really want to line the pockets of the rich while we scramble for our dubious places on Trending? Not a game many care to play.

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Go through my Steemd on the following accounts:


You will see that my use of bid bots does not cover nowhere near what I give back out of my own pocket and not from rewards on posts or from bidbots.

Likewise, YES is the answer to your question.

If you don't like the bid bots, then don't use them.

Likewise if you take a good look through my accounts, you will again see that I powered up, using FIAT, HARD EARNED MONEY and am now using the one and only services available on the blockchain that offer a service for that crypto, so that I can continue doing as I have done over the past year and a half. Giving a lot more than what I earn via Steem.

Hence, buddy, I can sincerely say to you to go and knock on someone elses door, who posts a stolen photo of a cat and bid bots the hell out of it.

& if you don't like hearing it as it is, then simply mute me.

Likewise, have a good look at my delegations.



Semper Fi. (Chewed a fair bit of dirt with a few Marines.)

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

Yes, I'm all for supporting the interests of those of us that have invested their hard earned money on the platform like myself and my friends. I don't want any of my peeps to be bag holders so that's one of the forces that drives me.

Believe me, we go after the cat pics people when we find them. And the goat pics. Pizza pics. Random crypto chart pics. You name it and you'll probably find something that fits the criteria that we have flagged at SteemFlagRewards. I think we were at something like 4500 flags last I queried but I digress.

I don't typically mute people because I don't have a problem with engaging opinions even if they are contrary to my own. I think the crux of it is I believe if we all stay to this course, Bid botting meh posts, circlejerking and whatever, I don't think we're really going to be able to compete with the other blockchain platforms rising up such as on EOS.

The price action of late I think is compelling people to think another way but not everyone is coming to the realization just yet or maybe there is zero correlation but I doubt it. We know that whaleshares was stood up without delegation capability which I believe was a measure to prevent vote selling businesses and a lot of users jumped ship.

I have decided to focus on Steem since I have a niche here with my many "content cop" activities. For the record, I don't think this post is bid bot abuse. You took some time to write this commentary so it's worth something.

OORAH! Thank you for your service as well.


This comment was for your "placeholder".

What the heck is this post and why was it promoted?

Read the post and the answers are in there!

Main message reads: "Be who and what you are = be yourself", don't let anything or ANYONE tell you otherwise. Plus there are some advantages in not putting all your eggs in the one basket, even here on Steem!

As for your other question: Too many people fall into the trap of thinking that they have to "conform to others" and do things the way "others" expect them to do it.
Doing something the unorthodox way, doing it in ways that "the majority" would never do it needs to be seen!


Cheers mate. Glad to see you're back, hope you enjoyed the holidays.

Doing something the unorthodox way, doing it in ways that "the majority" would never do it needs to be seen!

I hate to break it to you, Jack. I don't think you're exactly defying the convention by using the bid bots on this sort of thing to the extent you have.

If you truly believe your commentary is valuable, why the need to bolster it up with so many paid votes?

that butt didn't burst the bubble! =D

what a funny comment! lol

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