FungiFriday - Leccinum scabrum from mushroom walking

in fungifriday •  7 months ago

The magnificent Leccinum scabrum that I found during a Sunday walk around the forest, I did not go to the forest itself, as it was a family walk, and it was still a little over an hour before sunset. But even on the edge of the forest managed to find several mushrooms and one of them is pictured below.

Чудовий козарик, який я знайшов під час недільної прогулянками околицями лісу, в сам ліс я не заходив, оскільки це була сімейна прогулянка, а до заходу сонуя залишалося трохи більше години. Але навіть на краю лісу вдалося натрапити на декілька грибів і один з них зображений на фото нижче.

kozaryk 1_.jpg
Olympus PEN E-PL7 (manual lans Helios 44-2), iso-1600, 1/100

kozaryk 2.jpg
Olympus PEN E-PL7 (manual lans Helios 44-2), iso-1600, 1/100

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The Helios effect makes it even more beautiful! Love their little brown hats.
Happy Fungi Friday :)


thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Have you a happy Fungi Friday too! :)

GOOD WORK! love the macro shots. nice detailed. Thanks for sharing! upvoted!


You're welcome!

Nice details on this fabulous fungus! I love mushrooms, but, still am not confident enough to pick them myself.

I like the almost woody stem of this!


Yes, choosing an edible mushroom will sometimes be very difficult

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