#ShadowPhoto in the #FungiFriday night

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🎄 Well hello there, creatures of the Internet! 🎄

Welcome to my little blog this dark and cold #FungiFriday


On this stump, I found a sponge with a shiny edge.


Well, I actually found two of them!


I wonder who will survive the longest, tree stump or fungus?


Thank you, dear creatures of the internet, for visiting my little blog 😘 and I wish you a happy 🍄 day!


You got a great combo there @njord with the mushroom and shadow together!! Good luck in the contest! 😉

Thank you very much 😊

you're very welcome! 🍄

Help me plz im a new user

Wonderful night time fungi pictures.
Please don't forget to post a photo directly to the Shadow Photo contest if your entering.

😊Happy Fungi Friday

OK thank you 😘

Your most welcome !!!

Nice shadow photos in the tree stump or fungus.

Thank you so much 😘

It does cast a great shadow and I'm glad that you were there to notice it! Thanks for entering!

Thank you 😊

You hunt them at night? :)

Happy Frungi Friday Internet creature :p

Yes, it's much easier to catch them when they sleep 😊

I wonder who will survive the longest, tree stump or fungus?

hmm, a hard question to answer. my bet for the tree trunk! :)

We'll see someday, only time will tell!

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Thank you very much 😍