FungiFriday: various shrooms

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My place is hot and dry and the only time we see many mushrooms is during the height of the rainy season. So here are a few that tend to pop up on lawns and in my case, plant pots and flower beds.

In among the Portulaca

In a flower bed. Somehow this one almost looks like a black and white shot although the little green bits aren't the result of editing.

This one is the only large mushroom I have ever seen and it sprouted in the only place which is cool and shady enough for a mushroom to thrive. I would probably have more mushrooms if I had an actual lawn but when I moved in, the backyard was a dustbowl and I can't see the point of wasting water to maintain one in our drought-stricken climate. I would rather turn most of it into a rock garden with succulents and put in paving stones to create walkways and let a tough indigenous grass slowly colonise the wasteland.

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You have different kinds of mushrooms! I am still waiting for my mushrooms to come back!

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Haaa I thought that second one was B&W :D I think I had those once growing in Suzi's grass.


They like to pop up in grass

The bottom one looks like a type of parasol mushroom, the top two seem to be in the mycena family (there are many subspecies in that family).

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Those mushrooms are really beautiful! I had a bunch growing in my garden a few weeks ago. They have all but disappeared now!

Nikkkkkk Cacnea is turning yellow :( why? What can i do? Is he ok?


I saw Cacnea's baby turning yellow in your update, is he also turning yellow? Have you been watering A Lot?


I'm sad to tell you that he appered to be infected by something and started dying. I watered him a bit every 15 days. I had to cut the babies and the rotten parts, hoping he can be saved.

:( Feels awfull.


That sucks. I have had quite a few of my Euphorbias go rotten recently in this rainy, humid weather. Euphorbias are difficult plants to grow and they often do that despite the best care. So don't feel bad

Mushrooms love moisture and warmth. They grow well in these conditions.