Fungi Friday - Boletus

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I found some really nice mushrooms in my yard yesterday when I was out mowing. I looked over by my fir tree and saw out the corner of my eye something growing by it. When I was done mowing I looked closely at it and got pretty excited because it seemed like an edible Boletus.

This one had been eaten on top by a rabbit or something:

A mushroom growing by my fir tree – click for viewing full screen

There were several more just popping up all around the base of the fir tree. They varied in size and were around 4” to 5” in diameter.

Mushroom just popping up through fir needles – click for viewing full screen

I didn’t want to just break it off since the caps are how the mushrooms reproduce and if it was a good edible species I wanted to encourage it to reproduce. I stuck the camera up under the cap and got this mushroom selfie. (The picture turned out all blurry, but I included it because I liked the way the color of the tree turned out.)

A mushroom selfie – click for viewing full screen

I looked around and found an older mushroom that was picked apart more. The mushrooms definitely had pores and not gills. The color of the pores looks to be yellowish but it is a bit hard to tell on this older mushroom because it is turning brown from age.

Mushroom pores – click for viewing full screen

Most of the Boletus mushrooms are very good eating. I will need to identify it better before I get up enough courage to try it though. It sure looks good. This smaller mushroom would make a nice size for an omelet.

A new small mushroom – click for viewing full screen

I’m going to keep my eye on them and see what they look like as they get older and mature more. A nice patch of mushrooms like this could provide very good eating for many years. It is really nice to have it in my yard. I have often seen these types of mushrooms growing the forest but in many areas you are not supposed to harvest them. In my yard I’m sure it would be fine if I didn’t take too many.

Mushrooms have been known to be medicinal. Some studies have indicated that certain varieties have cancer fighting qualities. I enjoy eating them - hopefully the ones in my yard will be choice eating. If nothing else, I think they are helping the fir tree out, it is very healthy and growing very fast.

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Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/4/2018 & weku/@litesplasher.


Weird one..

Actually, I thought it was a rather normal post as compared to some of the stuff I write.

Ha! I looked the the mushrooms you posted 2 days ago and thought they would be perfect for today. And here you are with another one :))
So cool!

Thanks for participating!

Thank you! There are a big variety of mushrooms around here right now. I might head up into the forest some time to see if I can get some other interesting photos for next time.

Got down in the weeds for these shots. :-)

Yup, pretty close to the ground.

Nice fungi photo captures and well description @lightsplasher. Smart & micro looks seemed. Best effort.

Mushrooms are fun to look at and delicious if they are edible too.

Wow excellent photography. its amazing mushroom.thanks for sharing
Have a great day

That is a cool mushroom. I wish I could help you, sadly I know little about them. Just be sure before you take a big bite of old mushroom!

I sure will. I think I identified them today and I tried them out and wrote about it in my latest post.

Click I really clear.
Overall great.

Nice picture looks so sponzy.

Spongy? The mushroom and moss in the area was a bit spongy.

Oh, you really have some healthy specimens out there, don't you? You have been having them sprout up everywhere lately! It that normal for your area or yard?

I only have one place that really will push a few out. I am interested to know if that first one is edible! I am not sure there is anything more satisfying that freshly picked mushrooms!

There is a big variety of mushrooms out here, especially during the rainy season. Some of them get to be around a foot in diameter in the local forest. It is fun to go out looking for them.

What a great find! I have seen them growing and always think that they look like somebody forgot a stack of pancakes out in the yard. I've never been brave enough to eat them cuz I was never certain. Wonderful photos!

Thanks! I finally worked up the courage today to try them out. I think I have identified them correctly.

hello my friend @lightsplasher! yes indeed this mushroom is very tasty, because I have tried it, this mushroom in my area is often overgrown in oil palm trees that have long since collapsed.

This kind often grows under pine or fir around here. Sometimes mushrooms look very similar in different parts of the world but have different properties. I have heard of people coming over from Europe and harvesting mushrooms that they thought were the same as they were in Europe but getting sick from them here.

I did properly identify these mushrooms today and tried them. They were pretty good but not excellent.

Wow, it looks like this mushroom is very good, my friend @lightsplasher especially people who cook are very professional, very tasteful and eating mushrooms is very good for the body because there are so many proteins in this mushroom.

Hallo teman saya @lightsplasher bagamana kabarmu disana teman? Photography yang bagus saya sangat menyukainya.

consuming mushrooms is very much useful as my friend @lightsplasher says can treat cancer and eating mushrooms is also healthy for the heart.

Very nice photography u have done. Dude lightsplasher please feel free , visit my blog

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