Fungi Friday - Little red umbrellas

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I can't tell you much about these colorful little mushrooms
mala crvena gljiva malo.jpg
See them regularly in autumn, in dense forests, I found many similar looking little fungi in literature, many of them with very strong poison mixes, I don't know exactly what kind of mushroom is this. But one thing is for sure - is very decorative, a really beautiful little thing.
I really can tell if I like more the spring color explosion of flowers and insects or the autumn one, with fungi and falling leaves. They are both spectacular in different ways.
mala crvena gljiva 2malo.jpg
The stem of this mushroom is always pretty long and curved, and the mushrooms can look very different one from another, often looking like some cool abstract sculptures or a thing from outer space.
In general, when I think of alien or surreal, the first thing I think of is fungi. So many interesting shapes among them. And many, growing in groups, form incredible little landscapes.

( As always on these posts on Steemit, all the photographs are my work. )

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So beautiful pictures thank for sharing

:) I really like these Fungi Fridays.

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Thank you :)

basically, only I thing left, I can add: dont eat them!


Those are mamma earth antennas! :D

:D receiving the alien talk show from gamma sector of the Optimus nebula

Wow... amazing shots! Love the dark mood.
Thanks for participating :) Have a great weekend!

:) Thank you. Good weekend.

I have seen Hygrocybes mushrooms that look similar but these could also be orange mycena.

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Thanks for the info :)

I suspect they are something completely different as i only know about north american mushrooms.

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Could be ... but when I see on photographs mushrooms, plants, and insects from the temperate zone of USA ... I find some that are the same as here in Europe, or very similar, surely closely related ... so could be not so different