The Meaning of 666

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Since this is my 666th post, I decided that I would talk about the meaning behind the number 666.

  • 666 is popularly known to be the number of the beast, and was first round in the book of revelations.
  • 666 is the sum obtained by adding the first 36 natural numbers in the number system.
  • The bible mentions the number 666 three times.
  • 666 in Kabbalistic Judaism signifies the creation of the World.
  • Oct 31 2015 was the 666th Halloween.
  • It would take 666 minutes to watch all of the saw movies.
  • In Israel, if you wish to make an overseas telephone call , you are required to dial 666 before the overseas number.
  • In a Roulette wheel, sum of numbers gives you 666.

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