Fundraising for Dodong Melendez, 6 Year Old With Brain Tumor

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Alright everyone, yesterday I posted about today's cause, "Paper and Pencil Project" which will benefit 250 incoming grade school students in two of Malaybalay Bukidnon's schools. Today, as we are preparing for the said event, someone approached our team and told us about a boy who is fighting against Childhood Brain Cancer/Tumor.

Leond Art Melendez, also known as Dodong Melendez was diagnosed with Brain Cancer last September 2016. For almost two years now, his family and friends have been rallying to generate funds for his medications and other needs. He is from Malaybalay Bukidnon but is going to and fro Davao City to seek for medical help from time to time. He has been to a number of chemotherapies and other tests and their family needs our support not just financially but also through our prayers.

This young boy should not fight his illness alone. Let us help him battle with cancer. So, all proceeds of this post will be given to Dodong Melendez (all with proper documentation.)

Let us help him smile again!

A lot has already extended their help. Now, it is our time Steemit Community to show our force!!!

All photos are from his facebook page.

Those who want to directly contact his family, you may opt to visit his Facebook page Dodong Melendez or you may show your support by your upvotes, resteems and donations through this page.

Let us help him extend his life. Let us save a life!

You can also create your posts with #sharelove hashtags for better exposure of this post.

Dodong Melendez' Journey

Thank you everyone! I hope we all work as one for his healing.

I am pleading to the different groups in steemit @promo-mentors @steemschool @bestofph @steemitpowerupph @steemitfamilyph @steemph and those who weren't mention.

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