Post Rewards (Including SP Equivalence) Will Be Donated to This Emergency Fundraiser

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Your Generosity is Appreciated!

Please either upvote this post or donate directly here. Post payout from this will be donated to the fundraiser. Including SP equivalent.

One of my closest buddies has just recently hit a crisis. I'm very much speechless and it has weighed down my thought process and really kept me distracted most of today. I've thought it over many times on how to best approach this situation with reverence and respect. I have been very hesitant on posting it on the chain. I didn't want to take his crisis and take personal gains from it. I didn't want to sucker attention away from him, so I think I will close off my words on the subject and allow him to speak instead of me. This is direct from his GFM page.

On Saturday April 14th, 2018, Laura Todorova was driving her friend Samba Njie home. They were stopped at a red light just a block from Samba’s house when they were struck from behind by a speeding, intoxicated driver. They both were trapped in the vehicle, suffering extensive burns, bleeding in their brains, concussions, seizures, lacerations and one broken vertebrae. The drunk driver was not seriously injured.
They were both taken to Suburban Hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit, in critical condition. While their condition has improved over the past week, their spirits need help. To them, it feels like no one cares. The world has kept spinning for everyone else, yet they are left to walk the journey through seemingly alone. Please, donate what you can, or even just leave a word kindness or say a prayer for the two members of our community - Samba and Laura.

*More & Updated Info found here.

In addition, he has privately informed me that the drunk driver doesn't have much money to go after in lawsuits (nor do they have the money to afford lawyers to sue) and also she only had vehicle insurance rather than health insurance. Their situation is very dire and I really don't know how to best help them.

To show how amazing these people are, my buddy uploaded a video of him being able to muster enough positive energy to make a joke. Life or death situation and this man's thoughts are on making people smile. However, don't let this undermine the severity of the situation.




May all the world's blessing fall upon the votes, donations, and support that our steemit communities have brought to this! This is so surreal! Every single last one of you is incredible! I love you all!

I have already donated $21 (as seen on right) for three main reasons.

  1. I wanted to fill in that $1,000 psychological gap
  2. I wanted to mark this page trending on Go Fund Me, just as it hit steemit trending
  3. I wanted to reassure every one of intent to follow through.

I will donate the full amount as this post reaches closer to payout.

Once again and a thousand times more, THANK YOU! You are changing lives!


Congrats you have been selected by the Steemvoter (SV) Guild, keep up the good work and helping make Steem great!

Note: You should receive many guild votes in an hour or so, enjoy!

I would also do the same if you were in your position @ jpederson96. besides vote, the prayers of all steemit users will also be very helpful. get well for your friend. amen

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The poster has fullfilled all questions and I'm hugely satisfied!

Hopefully you drop the details and at least let us know if its real.

It's real. but everyone needs to decide for himself. I've decided to help as much as i can.

The power of social media is shown here at the post goes viral and the donations keep racking up.

Really great work mate, you’ve done good!

Thanks buddy, it has been mindblowing how kind people have been.

First of all, we can see the topics discussed in post new topics, or get rewarded, there are many important things in the post. Our closest prisoner has recently hit a hybrid which has been privately profiled in various problems on Saturday 14 April 2018 accident It has not been seriously injured but their condition has improved in the past week For those who need help it, it has been kept for everyone else according to the care accordingly, or just a word, please ask for the support of two members of our support, and for the sake of her, a woman had her third accident that night, in a beautifully discussed post, even with the lawyer Trying to keep a prison trip on medical experts, etc. There are many people who do not have much money to go to India personally and they have been presented here to carry out any lawyer to do well. The world's blessing voting support has been brought to our community. Actually our disbeliever loves us all. Understand that everyone should follow this post with this post

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Really wonderful work u r doing

Wishing your friends a speedy recovery! Thoughts go out to the familes

Thanks for everything you have done! Not possible without your batting!

Praying for his fast recovery

God, bless them... Be safe!...:)...

Awful to see. Hoping the recovery goes well.

Excellent job using steemit to promote good faith!!

Hope that they will be okay soon

Thanks for your kind words

Our upvote might not be much, but we have upvoted and re-steemed. God is in control.

Every bit moves forward

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Holy... Seeing an accident that bad they're lucky to be alive

Yes, they were just released from the hospital today

Raising funds for poors is a very good cause and really appreciable. People should cooperate rather asking questions or verification proofs.

People ask for proof to make sure that the money they are giving is actually going to the right place. There is nothing wrong with asking for verification of facts.


Sorry I wasn't able to donate the money, but gave 100% upvote and resteemed. I know how hard it is to live through this shitty situations. Hope the upvotes would be equal to 3,000$ quite soon.

Every small bit counts

You are indeed a good friend. Will keep both of your friends in prayers. Hopefully no bad effect after this senseless accident. Pray for their speedy recovery. God Bless

Good initiative!

pray for you, I wished your friend recover speedly

I can not afford to donate yet. But I would pray for your the fast recovery.
God Bless!

I wish I had something more to offer. I hope they recover as fast as possible!!

I hope so too, may he recover quickly.I wish I had something more to offer. I hope they recover as fast as possible.Wishing your friends a speedy recovery! Thoughts go out to the familes.

I hope so too, may he recover quickly.

great hope he will be alright

Enjoy my 0.01 upvote.

If i could help more i would but i am not the richest guy on this site and i really need money for myself to go trough.

Thoughts are with your friend
Wishing him a speedy and full recovery

Its lovely that people can come together like this and support a great cause.
I hope them swift recovery. Steemit to the rescue. :D

after hearing that Jonny talked directly with the fam and fact checked thouroughly, he is no bleeding heart to put it mildly so I do support this..

congratulation your mission about post have been completed. I am praying for your friend recovery. Thanks

I'm sorry I was not able to donate money, but gave up 100% upvote. Soon will be $ 3,000. Thank you.

if it true everyone should donate on this

welcome to steemit. you gain $1000+ vote. Trust in God. I hope they recover as fast as possible!!
Thank you...

we pray for your friend so that god recovery him

I wish him a speedy and pain free recovery as soon as possible. Great initiative by the post author. Feeling proud for able to contribute in this noble cause.

Wishing both of your friends a speedy and as good a recovery as possible! Upvoted and resteemed.

Really a good initiative to help the needy and especially at the hour of need.

Good initiative.. I will resteem the post so people can also upvote

Sorry ,my friend, i wish you quick recovery

Give thanks that is alive and is important.

I wish my vote was stronger.Wish your friend all the best!

It's been a very good initiative. But I was surprised to see the value of your post. Go a long way and remember me too Rizve Ahmed :)

Although I am not only a little bit of power, I will "vote" to you.

Holy... tnx man

Waaaw this good post
@jpederson96 Please vote me and follow @pakmantri

Upvote. Recovery soon. Greetings for Venezuela.

You have my upvote hope they recover quickly ✊🙏

Upvoted and resteemed. There is also a gofundme tag on here and a crowd funding tag on here too if you wanted to make another post with updates on their conditions and the campaign. Also posting their gofundme link in the blog would be a good way to help them as well! I wish the best for your friends as well as you for being such an amazing friend trying to help them.

This is a very nice and helpful post for me.i like so much

Wishing your friends a speedy recovery.

nice.......hope to see more


Oh my God, that a crash. get well soon yout budd bro..😭

That was nice post

its a pity that that happened. I vhave up voted as a way of supporting. may the living God guide him

This is what steemit is all about. Bless you and the steemit community for showing such compassion.

Wishing your friends a speedy recovery...

Get well soon bro - may god bless you with a speedy recovery

I just did. :) Praying for his fast recovery.

I love watching your work friend, from #venezuela supporting your post ...

God will provide, all we need is to pray for the recovery..

Hope Laura and Samba will get well soon.

i am new here after watching this my eyes become into tears and i want to donate but i have nothing in my account am a student and i have nothing . I just one thing that is pray .

Oh my God, that a crash. get well soon yout budd bro..😭

gran publicación! Disfruté tu contenido. Sigan con el buen trabajo! ¡Siempre es bueno ver buen contenido aquí

gran publicación! Disfruté tu contenido. Sigan con el buen trabajo! ¡Siempre es bueno ver buen contenido aquí

That which is not known to man is widely known to God. I want to believe that no one will ever pray for such incident as explained by you but if it is not as said, it is as if one is gathering sorrow upon himself or herself.
To fellow steemites, I suggest we should do ours for God


Very good post,
very useful for those who read it. thank you

dios como quedo ese carro dios proteja a la humanidad

In this society many people need help, good leaves cover the torn, I claw it is used for the right purpose.

Quick recovery physical, pshychologically and mentally to them. God is their strength. All the best.
Keep it up, there is no sin in trying to help others friends or not. The sin is not trying. You are a good friend.

This is an excellent use of this platform good job brother! You're friend has survived and will be happy to see so much support. Bless.

This is an excellent use of this platform good job brother! You're friend has survived and will be happy to see so much support. Bless.

This is an excellent use of this platform good job brother! You're friend has survived and will be happy to see so much support. Bless.

Prayer are with you

Ahh so sorry. Upvoting and praying for healing.

You have done such a great work as their buddies. Hope everything going well soon. God Bless.

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success and great job

In jesus name.They are healed..

what a beautiful initiative.
Very cool of you to look for positive solutions in a scary situation.
I notice how everyone here can feel the quality of that action.
Well done

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wish them a fast recovery 🙌⚡️

God , I'm so sad about his situation and I wish him all the best and hoping that many people with money give him a lot and more. At the same time it happened here in Calgary , two individuals faking an accident , with the drunk driver story and also the burning trapped in the car etc. got out of the hard working tax payers $150,000 dollars before the police got to them and their scam. Boy now a days you sure don;t know if the story is real or a scam...I pray the lord that all goes well and that those drunken drivers stay off the roads. please help me with my grandfather's treatment, I have no money to afford it, and I want to know if steemit community is up to help me.

OMG... God bless u... Take care

I hope your friend has a speedy recovery and is ok, that is very scary!

Im very sorry to hear that, it is sad what is happening daily because of the careless drivers, who shouldnt even be on a road. I Also had a similar accident But in my case drunk driver went trough the red Light and directly hit front of my car with around 80mph. At that point I was just happy that my 2 year old son has not been in the car.

My heart is with you, and try to always look from the bright side. We do suffer, But We should never give up.

All the Best,

Uovote for you my friend, everything is gonna be ok. Good vibes

This is am amazing post. You have described all our ask. Request more from you.

Generosity is one of the values that in some parts of the world has diminished, but it is far, far from disappearing, very beautiful, nice work, greetings!

Donation is a good humanitarian idea. I hope many colleagues implement them

Samba and Laura we thank God richly for the wonders he has done in your precious lives. Saving you from this fatal accident was not by human power only him.
Secondly he who saved you from this will not stop and that is assurance that he still wants you to live for this reason be strong in him who heals his own creation.
Dear steemian community, i love the concern that we have for our own people in times of joy we are there even in tragic times we never cease to end the fire of love that overflows our own understanding. This communicates love for one another and will propell growth in the area of extending a hand to a needy for a course that we know as long as we exist on this planet our life is vulnerable to search things but never shouuld we at one point forget that whatever that does not kill us should make us strong.
At this point let me Humbly say that in God All Things are possible.

Lord in heaven our hearts are open before you at all times and there is nothing we can ever hide from however much we can hide before fellow men. You have therefore seen the pain and agony through which Samba and Laura are going. We are much aware that your the greatest Healer and therefore we trust your pain killer more than any other. Do your work of healing through the Doctors so that Samba and Laura smile again at this point when they need you more than any other Jehovah and give you honor and glory for your endless love to humanity.
Samba and Laura your Healed by his stripes, In the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen
Stay Blessed
Steemians at heart