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Tudose Teodora is 20 years old and is in coma for over two months. Suffering from autoimmune encephalitis with anti NMDA and AMPA antibodies, a very rare case which doctors say is the second in Romania.

Struggling every day to live and has already gone over many times when I was told that he has no chance. But it has!
The family needs 15,000 euros to ensure its transfer abroad, following that other money is needed for treatment and recovery.

The Student is diagnosed with a rare disease. A young 20-year-old lived up now wearing undeveloped embryo in the womb of her twin brother. With time, the embryo was transformed into a tumor which destroyed Theodora immune system and led to the outbreak of the disease: autoimmune encephalitis. The girl is in a coma for two months and her only chance is to transfer to a clinic abroad.

Carmen Tudose mother Theodora: "The doctors here have done everything they could for her. We try to go with her to a clinic specialized in neurological autoimmune disease that can make this treatment. "

Because transport alone would cost around 15,000 euros, Theodora colleagues have started a fundraising campaign.

Doctors say there are only 1,000 cases diagnosed worldwide

For more information there is a group on facebook. Here you can find the case related in the media.



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All raised money from this post will be donated from Steemit on this account.


upvoted. I pray that you actually send those funds to the people who need them brother. It is on you now.

I will make another post with the money being sent.

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