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Recently I wrote a long article about how to END HOMELESSNESS IN COLORADO. Please read it then come back to this FUNDRAISER.

The sad truth of the matter is that the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year on other countries and bringing people into this country but spends almost nothing on American Citizens who are in need. It is my dream that we as a nation can change this and end homelessness in this country, permanently! We have the wealth, the land and the people in need; so why isn't SHELTER A HUMAN RIGHT in this country? It should be and with your help IT WILL BE!

Now if you read the previous article I wrote on this subject you will see that my plan comes with an initial price tag of $50 million USD. Let me assure you now I am not trying to raise that much HERE via this FUNDRAISER. I am simply trying to raise enough funds to be able to:

  • Get a 3d Rendering done of the proposed community as outlined in the previous article (linked above)
  • Have the funding to allow me to actively work on this project and see the full funding needed from Business' and Persons in Colorado (where I plan on building the first community)
  • Cover my (and my family's) living expenses so I can devote myself FULL TIME to this project!
  • Possibly acquire the land needed to encourage others to donate the funds needed to complete the project.

Due to the current Pandemic and the tightened finances of most people I am not even asking for cash donations. Instead I have decided to link numerous Crypto Wallet Address so you can donate as much or as little as you can afford via Crypto you probably already own. I am hoping to raise $50,000 USD via this fundraiser in Crypto Currency. That will be enough for me to dedicate myself FULL TIME to this project for a year. It is my belief that within 1 year of working on this full time I can acquire the property and funding to begin/complete the first community and move 10,000 people off the streets into their own homes in a community that provides everything they need to get their lives back together.

Donation Addresses:

  • Bitcoin - 1P63rJr7Kci38Xu6PuUYCmKx4vJ1kqQmmN
  • Ethereum - 0x75f83fec5ef90a545b6c73ac11016704bbe18657
  • Doge - DFFZ4MSWrb9tMNbp94Zv9PqLnoz754fBQn
  • Paypal - [email protected] - If you want to donate but do not own any crypto!

If you have Crypto you would like to donate that isn't on the list above please message me with the type of crypto and I will add the wallet address for those donations to the list above. If you have any questions or want to help in some other way also please message me. My full contact information will be provided upon request to anyone who wants to discuss this.

Message me @ [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions, comments or offers of help!

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