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How is your account going?
Have you managed to make it grow?


Those who partook in this and have over 0.00030000 bitcoin accumulated, I ask that you do a transfer to the @prime-cleric account so that we can purchase more Steem and promote our Steemit Community here.
Steem and SBD is rapidly climbing so we need to do this before Sunday as that is when the free transfers happen on

Please use my official Wallet Address: 15fvVbwsmTBgDDqZ6werfwpgAdmvriAm3P


Thanks and Blessings

Join us at:     VK   -   Facebook   -   Google +

More End Times Information:

follow me!


always bitcoin up

I think bitcoin break all record in 2018 @prime-cleric

I wish I had more bitcoin saved so I could help...hopefully the next big opportunity I will be able to!

I read the post, How to promote? Give her a full tutorial. thanks


bitcoin always up

Need to reserve bitcoin, for stay connected

Best of luck and blessings, Prime Cleric.

Get ready for new dawn is coming

There is strength in numbers

Great idea!

I'll have to check!

i think bitcoin can get higher with in no time

This post has received gratitude of 4.73 % from @appreciator thanks to: @prime-cleric.

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