FUNDRAISER for the 2018 SteemSilverRound: Please VOTE 100%

in fundraiser •  9 months ago

Well the Voting is Underway to pick the winning design and its getting intense! There has been great participation so far but we need more votes so Share the Voting post HEREand give it a resteem so we can get as many people involved in the process as possible! So far steemsilvergold members have raised over $1500 for @steemsilverround which will go towards covering costs! This will make the Coins final price as cheap as possible for everyone to afford. If we raise enough money then we could potentially get them for less than the 'Spot Price' of the Silver! So Please Give a 100% upvote and Resteem to Get this Post Seen by as Many People as Possible!! :)


Consider doing your own fundraiser post for @steemsilverround It costs nothing but Benefits Everyone!! Or do a Raffle or anything or just send a donation. Also go and upvote the other Fundraiser posts by @silverstackeruk @phelimint @sevinwilson @jbcoin @welshstacker @raybrockman and resteem them all! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG AND POWERFUL! or like SSUK says:

"Little Swells make Vast Waves"

All SBD earned from this post will be donated to @steemsilverround to help bring down the final retail price of this exclusive 2018 steem round, so please dig deep and give a BIG upvote and have faith you are doing good for everyone in this wonderful community called Steemit. If this is something you would like to support you can donate steem/sbd directly to @steemsilverround.


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Awesome work man. 100% upvote and resteem.

resteemed for now. Will vote on it when I have powered up


thankyou very much! :)

My first fundraiser post has reached payout and 3.091 SBD has been tranferred to @steemsilverround :)

Awesome post resteemed.

Hell ya!! The more contributions we get the better!!

U got my vote my friend!

Already voted so I'm waiting to see what happens.


thanks kerris its amazing how much money can be raised by working as a team :)

Keepin it 100

All these shiny things you all keep sharing, it's all becoming quite tempting to join in on!
#thealliance supports @sircork and his charitable work with @youarehope


Thanks mate, be careful tho once you start stacking it gets a hold on you fast! Before you know it you'll be pawning the TV for a few extra ounces of silver, sat there eating stale bread for dinner off a silver platter! 😀

Awesome man! Thx for doing this. It's really adding up.

Love shiny stuff. Voted and reSteemed.


Thankyou muchly! :)

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Cheers Cap'n Hacksaw!

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I've tossed you my support! Found you through thedamus! I will help as I can :) I love that I've found a great coin stacking crew on here as coin collecting is always something I've been interested in.

My vote is with you buddy. The coin is very attractive