❤️ MEDICAL FUNDRAISER - Week #1 (Intro & Goals) ❤️

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It seems that I have written about my health quite a bit in the last week or so. The emotions that previously prevented me from opening up and being brutally honest on the topic of my disability...are starting to feel less severe. Maybe because my health itself is suddenly becoming more severe and desperation can do strange things. Instead of suffering in silence and dropping off the face of steemit without a single word as to why...I am here to see what might happen when I directly ask for help buying some very specific items.

Some of the people reading this have already come through as much as they can...in the form of encouraging comments...resteems and upvotes. I understand how most of us here...do not have a lot of crypto to work with...and it can be difficult to see someone legitimately in need and being unable to help. It breaks my heart to be asking for donations...even while the act of doing so could end up saving my life.

The idea for this fundraiser begin last week over my concern on the state of my physical mobility...which finally reached a breaking point. Right now...with no pain management options...I am barely functioning. I struggle to take care of myself and enjoy life because I am mostly bedridden. On the days that I am forced to push myself to have bath...go shopping, cook and clean...cause such a spike in pain levels that it takes me about three days to recover from the exertion. And I often make myself sick to the point of vomiting or blacking out just to spend time on my digital art...which is an important coping mechanism. I am unable to sit up at my computer desk for more than 20-30 minutes before the pain becomes unbearable and shoots right through me.

I have spent the last two years in denial of how bad things have actually become...but this is no way to live my life. Every single thing that I do just to get through the day...requires so much time and effort that my life is wasting away.

Due to a debilitating condition called CRPS...I have severe nerve pain and dystrophy on my left side...and other parts of my body are also deteriorating due to low bone density and muscle strength. Each day...I suffer from extreme weakness and fatigue...which means that I am unable to do the exercises needed to strengthen my body and release the natural chemicals that regulate sleep...emotional balance and pain relief. I have been trying to work from home for years and I want more than anything to be able to earn the kind of living that will allow me to independently improve the quality of my life.

But...I am too sick to work and I am losing the fight with CRPS. Having stripped away enough pride to realize that I simply do not have the time to wait. Although not fatal itself...this terribly misunderstood condition throws open the door to other even more dangerous complications...and these do cause death. Right now...inflammation is the main culprit...and my lack of mobility alone has become one of the most difficult things to overcome. I have finally reached the point where asking for help is the only solution. Being able to go about my life in less pain will drastically minimize most of the symptoms and side effects of CRPS along with depression...insomnia...and frequent anxiety and panic attacks.

Much of the deterioration caused over the course of living with CRPS...is the direct result of a complete lack of access to highly expensive remedies and supplements along with alternative treatments outside of government managed and social assistance funded programs. There are of course additional factors...but for the most part...keeping the disabled portion of the population too sick to break away and thus dependent on them...makes both the government and the drug corporations richer.

Things like aquatic therapy...high dose antioxidants...stem cell treatments and hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

I have tried almost everything synthetic...but when it comes to taking medication...naturally sourced ones have always been far more powerful than prescriptions...and have proven to be more reliable and effective at treating pain and other aspects related to living with chronic pain. Finding affordable options that can be maintained each month on an income that can barely cover the basics...has been beyond impossible.

Because of the nerve pain...and also the muscle weakness...bone pain...fibromyalgia fatigue...and full body inflammation I cannot stay active enough to benefit from something as seemingly simple as exercise. Right now...I desperately need to bring down the inflammation...so that other areas of my body can begin to heal. Unlike some people...I don't expect a cure. I just need the opportunity to lessen the intensity before my body gives up.

Click here...to read more about what prompted the need to start this fundraiser...and some additional details on what lead up to this decision.

I have a lot of things on my healthcare wish list...but out of all the pain management options currently available out there without the intervention of a doctor or hospital...I have selected two of the most promising.


This pain relief device is one hundred percent drug free because it activates your own natural pain blockers. Unlike the less expensive tens unit...the electrodes do not need to be placed directly on the source of pain. Instead of targeting muscles...it works on the nerves throughout the whole body. Only someone with nerve pain will understand how very few pain management options there actually are specifically for nerve pain. I am willing to experiment with a commercial product for this reason. The freedom to find what works...no matter where it comes from has always been a luxury for me. With the Quell...the sensory nerves carry neural pulses to the brain...and act like white noise for dysfunctional nerve pathways like my own. The chances of the Quell being very effective are high...seeing as I was cleared for candidacy on receiving a spinal cord stimulator. These require invasive surgery though...and a lifetime of constant medical maintenance. I don't want to be practically chained to the hospital...and cut open every time they change the battery. The main reason that I have been looking forward to owning the Quell is because I do not believe in using an internal device to artificially regulate pain and nerve function...when an external one will have the same result.



Beyond the hype...I have been desperate to explore the benefits of CBD oil in lowering pain...and combating autoimmune disease. This stuff actually targets the same pain receptors that become damaged with CRPS! Increased levels of anandamide...which bind to cannabinoid receptors and interact with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain...are thought to help with managing memory...motivation...higher thought processes...movement control and physiological processes like managing pain. The known anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and various nervous systems give me more hope than any other drug ever has. The chemical signals received from the compounds also show the body how to use uses its own endocannabinoid system more effectively. CBD oil is a good choice for me because I don't want to get high...I just want to be in less pain...and being in less pain will make me more productive. The idea is for both the Quell and the CBD oil tincture to working together in synergy...regulating pain and inflammation levels along with sleep and mood. Since CRPS in an autoimmune condition...and my body exists in the constant state of attacking itself...I consider getting this under control a matter of urgency.



CBD OIL (3 MONTHS) - $450




4.823 SBD & 3.235 STEEM

I plan on revising this fundraiser each week...and adding up the weekly payouts over the course of the summer. Hopefully the goal of $1000 could happen sooner with the rising value of either SBD/STEEM. For any new regimen to have the best possible chance of success...a minimum of three straight months is important.

Last week...my original cost estimate of $2000 was based on the Amazon Quell price ($600+) and CBD oil that has been put into capsules. I managed to cut this cost on half through finding a cheaper option of the Quell on Ebay...and switching over to the tincture bottle form. Since only some of the tax and shipping have been included...and ebay prices tend to fluctuate based on the available resellers....I have left a small margin on the estimate for this.


A few days ago...I went to the emergency room with pain in my abdomen that was so terrible that I could barely walk...and I was so nauseous and dizzy that I kept vomiting. It wasn't the first time that I have received such disgraceful treatment...but it made me realize that more than ever...I need to take my health into my own hands and distance myself from the government based medical system. My arm was practically butchered by one of the nurses...and apart from a couple of simple tests...they basically just pumped me full of drugs and sent me home.

I am still not entirely sure what happened...but in the days since coming home...I haven't felt any better. Eating has become impossible without excruciating pain and I have been forced to start a liquid nutrient diet with no hope of diagnosis in the future. Chemicals and synthetic or artificial ingredients of any kind always cause some kind of mild or severe sickness or an allergic reaction....so my body is still freaking out from the morphine and percoset. I am still in so much pain that I cannot sleep unless the drugs knock me out...and I am scared of another acute attack and going back in there. Needless to say all of my steemit activities have come to a crashing halt...and will remain on pause until further notice.

Click here...to read more about what going to the hospital looks like for someone like me...a little more on the topic of living with crps...and why I need to focus on my recovery for awhile.







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Send you my aloha 🌺 hope u get better . Im sorry you are going through this.


Thank you! Much love! <3


It May not be much, but I hope it gives this post more visibility.
Stay blessed and get well soon!😘😘


The resteem is plenty! Thank you so much for the support! <3

💙 %100 upvote I know it’s not much, but I hope you’re able to reach your goal over time. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I think your healing goals are admirable.


I appreciate the vote! Time...patience and luck will get me there eventually. <3

Good luck!! I hope you are able to get everything you need!


Thanks! Much love! <3

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