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FOREX trade (which stands for foreign exchange index trade) is a trade which depends on the ability of traders to predict the trend of exchange indices across various predetermined currencies. To make this possible, most trade platforms present these predetermined currencies in pairs known as trading pairs. Each trading pair may consist of two or more trading indices (in this case, the currencies or cryptocurrencies) whose values are compared against one another. Traders may then allot certain amount from their wallets into the trade and predict a particular trend for the trading pair they choose. Should the trading pair gain or lose according to the predicted trend, the trader profits according to his traded lot size.

Tutusfx presents cryptocurrency/forex/cfd trade on a secure internet known as "blockchain". A blockchain is an immutable, often distributed, public ledger. The Tutusfx Blockchain secures forex trade positions, keeping the records immutable for further referencing and probable support, during and after trade. Open trading is supported on Tutusfx, allowing traders to make trades and get responses from the public (friends, families and casual visitors, alike) on the trade. Trading groups are now supported better on Tutusfx, with individual members of the group being able to monitor trades and react to them based on observation or perceptions. We believe this will be an added step towards the development of the forex world with the emergence of mixed/combined techniques and evaluation of varying analysis from distinct members.

Tutusfx tries to incentivize trades and analysis on the Blockchain. We understand that losses could result from trades due to a variety of reasons. We consider it unfair in most modern-day trading systems that users are not satisfactorily incentivized, in spite of their much contribution towards the development of the trade industry. We, therefore, aim to incentivize users based on their contribution to the platform. These incentives, we hope, will add to their profits, giving them better stables to trade more and gain more.

Tutusfx offers high leverage and low margin. This allows users trade with very small lot sizes. On Tutusfx, users may trade for as low as $5!

The Tutusfx website is currently under development. The Development Team is committed to seeing the project to acceptable standards for all. We have considered our potential users across the globe, United States, Britain, China, France, Italy, etc and have entered into close working relationship with individuals around the world to see to it that Tutusfx meets all users in languages they can easily understand and are comfortable to trade with. We will also be assisting third-party developers on our platform with localization issues to ensure they, too, can reach all in the ecosystem.

Currently, Tutusfx is seeking funding and donations from partners around the world. Contributions to Tutusfx are to build our Reward Pool to enable us support user trades better. Discussion of partnership terms and conditions, including donations are welcomed.

Even as we develop, we are open to mails and contact from you, for donations, suggestions and/or complaints. You may send mail to [email protected] or leave a message here on Steemit . You can also reach us on Facebook or alternatively, here, or on Twitter .

For developers who want to contribute towards Tutusfx development or join the Tutusfx Development Team, you may visit the repository on github to view the project. Tutusfx is an open-source project under development. Join us on any of our social media (listed in this post), we aspire to partner your trade to success.

Trade more, gain more...
- Tutusfx

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I like this innovation. It looks like what will be an open, moderate brokerage.

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I don't mind talking about it all day... lol...

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