Fundition PH Report: Legit and Successful Filipino Crowdfunding Projects

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Hello Steemians! While every crowdfunding project is unique in its own presentation and objective, we're still reviewing the legit and successful Filipino projects being done through Steemit and

Here's a Fundition PH Report on that:

PROJECT LAB by @yanzel4lyf

Creation date: 6/22/2018
Amount raised: $500+
Backers: 98
Total updates on site: 2

DCOMIX by @dcomix

Creation date: 6/20/2018
Amount raised: $280.46
Backers: 682
Total updates on site: 20

SCHOLARSPH by @scholarsph

Creation date: 8/6/2018
Amount raised: $157.96
Backers: 595
Total updates on site: 6

BRAVE SHAWN by @themanualbot

Creation date: 6/30/2018
Amount raised: $148.19
Backers: 980
Total updates on site: 2

LOVE D'UNLOVABLE by @lovebooster

Creation date: 5/7/2018
Amount raised: $110.33
Backers: 263
Total updates on site: 13

ALS EDUCATION by @sanmiguelcs

Creation date: 8/11/2018
Amount raised: $65.72
Backers: 89
Total updates on site: 2


Creation date: 7/26/2018
Amount raised: $54.37
Backers: 79
Total updates on site: 2

*The numbers above under amount raised, backers, and total updates may change during or after this posting


These Filipino projects were submitted to Fundition Team for auditing and curation. Since approval, the project founders routinely connected to their target audience, garnered upvotes per post, and went through forex hell before their STEEM and/or SBD withdrawals.

Throughout the entire process, these projects were either acknowledged and upvoted by @fundition (Steemit account) or by the members of the Fundition Team.

Thank you so much for being loyal backers, supporters, or investors. A hand-written thank-you note is not enough but we appreciate all your contributions.


We would like to help you with your crowdfunding campaign. If you are involved in some worthy cause or your friend is in need of donations for medical or school expenses, we are inviting you to create a Steemit account first and from there we are willing, 24/7, to chat with you and help you in any way we can concerning your personal or business venture.

If you are interested in crowdfunding but you don't know where or how to start, you can go directly to Fundition Fund Program post. Or, you can join Fundition Discord server to discuss your project proposal.

You can also contact Fundition PH Ambassadors: Kuys @lovebooster and Ma'am @yanzel4lyf for assistance.


There's what we call Steem Power (SP) to help you with that. If you're needing a Steemit account asap, we'd like to give what we can give, a Steemit account for your first ever crowdfunding campaign.

And we want to invite Steemians also with high influence to trust us and delegate some of your SP so we could make an account for Filipinos needing urgent funding. There's power in heart-based giving. Let's make this our reason to remain connected.

Thank you! Enjoy life always!

LoveBooster | Ambassador (Philippines)
Steemit : @lovebooster

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Thank you for all the big help @fundition. More power to you. 😇

@fundition helps many projects get promoted and we're so happy to have that opportunity.

Thank you, @drahries, for your initiative too.

Thank you @timliwanag.

Thank you for being a loyal Funditian and helping spread the voice of Fundition all around, we really appreciate your efforts to try and promote Fundition. As a token of our gratitude, please accept this upvote from us. Take care and keep spreading the word about Fundition whenever you can, so, we can grow and help as many people as possible. We wish you all the best.

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