🚚 💰 📈 We have already collected almost 20%! STEEMtruck financial report #2

in #fundition • 4 years ago

As part of you alredy know I decided to move my finances to Revoult, so instead of closing my old USD bank account I use it only for the STEEMtruck Project and to transfer to it the funds collected during the campaign. Thanks to this I can keep the bills in order and I'm not that attached to the current exchange rates.

In my previous report, I wrote:
I don't hide that I think the crypto market is still very sensitive to manipulation and dependent on Bitcoin. One of its downhill moves can make the alts prices fall very drastically.
I invest most of my time in the STEEMtruck project and work on it very hard. I don't want to wake up one day and discover that STEEM has dropped with BTC and its value is $0.20. I hope this will never happen, but I have to be prepared for every situation.

You don't know how glad I am that I made such a decision at that time and start to convert STEEM to USD. Thanks to this, the STEEM collected so far is worth 3 times more than at the current exchange rate. 😎

At the moment, STEEMtruck's funds look like this:

STEEM withdrew from the account: 1825,7
Total balance in USD: $ 1273,55

SBD withdrew from the account: 385,6
Total balance in USD: $ 364,10

Extra funds from my savings: 226$

All funds collected so far: $ 1863,65
Project progress: 18,6%

Compared to the previous report (4.12%), we made almost 15% of progress. Because I didn't publish any updates in the last 4 months, I think it's really solid score. 😎

I have a few options on my horizon that will allow me to move the project forward. I'm still waiting for a few emails and than I'll write more about the plans. I'm still struggling to figure out which direction I should take, so a few more days to make a decision will surely be useful.

Keep your fingers crossed! 😉

All funds collected under this post will be transferred to
STEEMtruck Project account.

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