✉ I SEND SOUVENIRS FROM FOODspedition! You want one? 😉

in fundition •  6 months ago

Watch the video and find out how to get an unique souvenir from an exotic country! 🌴


Choose your souvenir:

⭐ Only now! ⭐
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I just ordered FoodBOX, and I'm really curious about what you gonna put inside :D I just can't wait to try that exotic treats I could never get in another way :D

BTW I keep my finger crossed for Steemtruck success!


Thank you so much for your support @nicniezgrublem! You're the man! 👊😉

Resteemed Have a good time and bone appetite in your foodspedition!

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Thank you! 😉

I get the postcard! I get the postcard from the World. Yippee! Thanks buddy! :)


My pleasure! 🙏

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Thank you for your support @fundition! With your help things start to getting faster! 🙏

But can you choose the menu? just kidding.
I congratulate you, I like your initiative :D


Thank you very much! The menu will be LEGEN... wait for it... DARY! 😎


Really? i like HIMYM a lot, it my favorite serie, and no man you're LEGEN... wait for it ... DARY :D