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❤ My entry to the contest ❤

Hello to all my friends from steemit ... for those who do not know me my name is @karla01 and this time I come to show my entry to the @fundition contest. This contest consists of uploading a photo of you that includes a heart and the word @fundition.io where your creativity and imagination will be rewarded.

❤ Creativity ❣ Imagination ❤

Photo of my author

This drawing was made in the company of my best ally "my little daughter Stephany" of 7 years old, who was the one who encouraged me to participate, because I confess something I do not have much creativity and much less for drawing, in this case my daughter She was my best ally to compete, since she loves to paint and I encourage her to do it and we got down to work.

❤Below we will show you which were our instruments of work ❤

❤ Drawing block.

Photo of my author

❤Pencil drawing kores and pencil sharpener.

Photo of my author

❤ Kores colors.

Photo of my author

❤ Scissors.

Photo of my author

❤ Here we will present our step by step ❤

This time we started to make the letters and the heart with the drawing pencil hd, after having finished it my daughter began to draw it and once finished we decided to cut it and then take a picture and pass it through the photo editor of the phone to put a little of color and lighting.

Photo of my author

To end a fantastic idea that occurred to my little girl, who wanted to be a model in our photos, we can not stop sharing it with all of you we hope you like it.

Photo of my author


¿How to participate??

❤ Use the tags #fundition and #oneheart.

❤ Resteem this post so others can see join the fun.

❤ A picture of you with HEART in it.

❤ "Fundition.io" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you.

❤ Write down a short description about the photo.

❤ Comment your post so we know that you participated.

❤ Only one entry per person.

❤ Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition.

Photos taken from my BLU STUDIO G

Writings of the author @karla01

I hope you liked it ... With Love


Great photo, love the background

Thank you very much friend, I'm glad you liked it

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