What have you been doing?

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That’s what your Backers are probably wanting to ask you.

Our advice is to regularly answer to this question.

We’ve come up with 2 different ways to answer:
1 Sending emails
2 Posting a news

In this post we will focus on the second way.



A news is good but a qualitative one is better.

Here are top advices to post a qualitative one.

You’ll need to give an update about the state of the project, or basically to answer to “Where are you at now ?

It’s interesting for the Backers and the potential Backers to know that you’ve been actively working on the completion of your project, and to know that you are seriously working on it.
Sometimes the development of your project can also be a reason for the reader to support your project because the goal is clearer and clearer at each “news”.


Give the Backers some headlines on what you’ve been doing even if it’s just about thinking about the next step. The Backers would want to know about you’ve been thinking for the past week/days etc. Any Backers would want to be reassured, so if you haven’t manually doing something, the thinking process is still an important one to talk about.

To sum up: Talk about you’ve been doing since the last “News”

Are the donations being used? Where have they been used? How are they being used?

“Hey, if I give you some money I’d like to know where it has been used”. That is a simple classic mindset of a Backer. If someone give you money they would want to expect some kind of return on how you’ve been using it.

In a news, you should always mention the donations, whether it has already been used or not, and in a crypto case you should also be specific on the fact that you’ve already exchanged it or not.

To sum up: be clear, be transparent with the use of the donations.



It’s important for the Backers to know where you at with the donations such how you’ve been using them BUT it’s also important to remind the Backers on how far you are from reaching the goal. If you are not too far from reaching the goal it could give the Backers the will to make you succeed at a speed of light.
For the ones who are far from reaching the goal it is also good to remind the Backers that you still need support and you need them to spread your message far and wide.

While you are at it, you should definitely put some call-to-action words to incentivize your Backers to keep on supporting such as:

  • donate
  • support
  • share
  • follow
  • to name just a few

To sum up: insist on the need of a support and be specific with what you need.

What’s next?

Nop, a “News” doesn’t stop here. Why? because your project isn’t finished.
Your Backers need to know about your next move so give some clues, maybe a trailer of what will come next. It doesn’t need to be too detailed but some words on what you’re planning for the next step could be enough and great. The goal is again to reassure your Backers.

To sum up: The Backers know your past, got your present, but need informations on your future.

Thank you!

Nop, I’m not thanking you for having the courage to read up to now. I meant your Backers need you to show them that you are thankful. So you should always end your News post with some words to show your gratitude, you can even mention some of your top Backers, it’s always heartwarming to be recognized for what they’ve done.

To sum up: Your Backers are the best and you should never neglect that.

PS: your “News” post should always be designed with pictures and videos.
Post pictures that you’ve been taken up to now for the completion of the project.
DO NOT post the same pictures multiple times or your Backers will start to doubt about your project.

NB: Fundition reserves the rights to not support a “News” if the team decides that it’s not clear enough, that there is some suspicious behavior from the project founder, that it’s not qualitative, that it’s a repeated news.

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