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Hello Funditians and the whole Steem Community.

The situation is critical and we are calling all of you to stand up right beside us to fight against those dictators aka Patreon who are using their only weapon against content creators : the censorship.

For those of you who use Twitter you should’ve noticed by now this trending hashtag #patreonpurge. It’s an hashtag that content creators who have been wronged by Patreon have been using to voice their struggles, their misunderstandings, and their banishment from Patreon.

As Fundition, we couldn’t stand it anymore and we decided to move and fight for the project founders and content creators right.

We are launching this contest to rally all of those who have been wronged by the Patreon tyranny, those who believe in the free speech, and those who believe that Blockchain is the solution.

How to participate:

Step 1: Retweet this tweet Or Share with Facebook
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Step 2: tweet to @patreon @kickstarter @kissbankers @indiegogo @gofundme @funditionio and tell them why Fundition is revolutionizing the Crowdfunding World with this chart to illustrate.

Step 3: Take some proof screen either write a post or comment below with links.

We know that you would all do it without even getting a reward because the Fundition Community is an incredible one, but we still want to show you our gratitude with an upvote.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

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Proud to help.

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Retweet link.

Tweet made.


We are doing this for humanity. Yes.

Ride On @fundition

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Joined through @girlsfoundation.

I hope @fundition become successful in this.

Everything done.

Tweet link(

Joined via @girlsfoundation blog


My dear crypto comrades, just pointing out that Clinton supported the wars in Iraq and Libya is no-no on Facebook!

Here is my participation.

twitter fundition.png

Twitter fundition 2.png

I tweeted🐣 hihi
Go @funditionio 💪


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Awesome to be able to help!

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I have retweeted and tweeted about it

Attached the link and pic

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It's not quite zero fees. Fundition takes 5% of every donation.


@aussieninja,please get your facts in order before saying something like this :) You are free to check Fundition website or ask for help if anything is not clear enough. Here is a link to the official purple paper that might make things more understandable for you:
Feel free to elaborate on where you got that info about 5% or contact Fundition if you ever need help with anything.


Hi @zen-art,

Hmm, okay... I backed a Steem Project for $100... but on the Backers page it shows $94.30 as the backed amount. Was that $5.70 not a Fundition fee?

Thanks for the link to the Purple Paper, it doesn't really cover how Fundition makes it's own money though. Could a section on transparency be included?


I understand your confusion and thank you for bringing this to our attention. There is definitely more room to make this more clear. That was not a Fundition fee. If you have made a donation with Paypall it had its fee, for example:

You make a donation to the fundition association, in return we send liquid STEEM to the founders wallet. Fees for Each transactions under 2500$ are 3.4% of donations + 0.25€. Here is an example of one donation:
Donation Amount 25,00 USD
PayPal Fee-1,28 USD
Net Amount 23,72 USD
SteemPrice 0.800370 USD

Since crypto fluctuates, the calculation is done with current prices and is subjected to change depending on the price of Steem but the fees before conversion stay the same.

I did the math in your case and it seems that there is around 2$ that went in fluctuations of crypto. This is all if you used Paypal, if not and if you donated via cryptocurrencies from another site then that site had its fees. In any way, there is no Fundition fee. We are talking with some exchange platform for less fees so fingers crossed and happy thoughts.

I hope this answer helped and I am at your service if you have any more questions. Feel free to contact us in our help channel on discord too.


Ah, that is confusing because when you check on the Paypal site, it looks like it sent the full $100 to Fundition.... and then when you check Fundition it says $94.30 as the donation... so I'm sure most people would assume Fundition is taking a fee. I'm sure it's a case of Paypal being not transparent, but unfortunately it looks bad for Fundition.

This definitely does help... thank you.
Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, just because a site says they don't take a fee, doesn't necessarily make it so... so please do excuse my skepticism.

If you don't mind me asking... if Fundition doesn't take any fees, how does it make money? I can't find any information on that at all.


Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, just because a site says they don't take a fee, doesn't necessarily make it so... so please do excuse my skepticism.

I welcome your skepticism and critical thinking, if more people had more of it, the world would be a better place :)
Fundition earns money by two ways, donations and curation awards on steemit. Every project owner (if he or she wants) can make Fundition a Beneficiary with some percentage (usually 1% and not by all founders). When you take all this into account, we are faaaaaaar behind other platforms and their profit and proud of it.

There is revolution in the crowdfunding world with @Fundition. Thanks for being here @Fundition.



Go fundition!

Retweeted and tweeted for fundition

Links are given below

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Hi @fundition thank you for this opportunity. I happily tweet about your great platform to bring more awareness to our all Blockchain!
Here are my tweets:

Love from Barcelona



Too bad Twitter limit size, we couldn't write much about fundition. But we will continue tweeting more.

Done. :D

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Link to retweet

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Link to my tweet

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See My Tweet Screenshot below

Hello @fundition,
I am grateful to be a part of your initiative and Here is my little support-

Tweet Link:

Thank you so much :-)

Here is my Tweet Link towards change:

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Following Fundition

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Retweet steemit tweet post and all other valuable tweets

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Thanks @fundition

Here is my retweet.

Here is my tweet.

i has tweet ^^

Together we shake harder

Done retweeted and gave it a reesteem


Happy to support Fundition and I will do so just anytime.

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@fundition, great job! Please check my screenshot below.


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Might be useful to fix your homepage before organizing this.

That's the whole homepage for me

Go @fundition always with you hope we are great thing catch oneday..carry on

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Honestly I have made crowdfunding with centralized social media, but I didn't know why my account has suspended. So I need to made another account. It was so awful.. And it happened a couple years ago.

Last time I make a twitter account for campaign, they has suspended that account campaign too. So better make an account in decentralized system. Because no body's can suspend the account even the CEO or the founder of the platform.


walah... saya belum ikutan, kagak tahu patreon itu kayak apa gitu... ! saya Maen selow dulu aja dulu! :)


Patreon itu kya tempat crowdfunding gtu om, tapi versi tersentral nya.


Oh... Iya..iya. terima kasih 🙏

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I didn't know you were an alternative to the other crowdfunding companies until this post. People who have been hurt by this blanket censorship campaign being put on us because of other content creators they wished to supress absolutely need a better place to go. I'll be checking you all out asap.

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Sounds really nice what you do! This is my project: - what do you think, could it work on @Fundition? Thanks! 😃

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

I didn't know you were an alternative to the other crowdfunding companies until. People who have been hurt by this blanket censorship campaign being put on us because of other content creators they wished to supress absolutely need a better place to go. I'll be checking you all out asap.

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As a victim of Dictatorships I will glad to join👊😁 also I was banned by gofundme years ago

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thanks for upvotes etc blockchain

Hi, @fundition!

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Sounds promising, I'm trying to advance with Patreon. Will take a look at your website and see the opportunity you offer.

So the goal with this contest is to spread the word, correct? Is this a one time initiative or part of a wider plan of action in 2019?



This is only the first step of our plan for 2019 :) So stay tuned for more!


Hello everyone!



Congratulations @fundition!
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