Fundition Update #3 - Heading to Skyrocket

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Fellow steemians and steem developers,

Thank you for following Fundition in the first place, we are more than happy to see you reading our content. The ones who truly follow and support Fundition in each step must feel that progress with Fundition team looked like it stopped for a while, but Fundition Team is unstoppable.

For a short period of time we want to present what we did for the past few weeks to bring you Fundition 0.3 with the amazing updates that will make Fundition skyrocketing! So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy reading the newest updates that Fundition team was working on so far:

Fundition Strategic Plan 2018-2021
Here on this page you can read the Strategic Plan of Fundition and our missions between the years 2018- 2021. We will be long term in the market, this is why we are planning for the next three years, and came up with our strategies about how we will be operating and what will be the missions that we will be focusing on the most.
Moreover in the near future we will be the leading crowdfunding platform in the industry, also taking in consideration the future of Steem Blockchain and the launch of SMT's. We already started to make our preparations for the Heart Token SMT. You are the one who will help us achieving our missions, by enjoying the biggest and first crowdfunding community that will be collaborating with each-other to bring into life a project that will impact the life of billions of people and make our globe a better place. We are also open to your recommendations and suggestions in the comment section, not only about the Strategic plan but for all the updates below.


Steem Blockchain and all DApps to change the world
Fundition is a DApp which promotes other DApps like ), ( @steemit ), D.Tube ( @dtube ),DLive ( @dlive ), DSound ( @dsound ) and ( @utopian-io ) since its initial launch. We tried to combine the power of other DApps and gave the possibilities and the benefits of both side to the Founders of projects. Fundition is working to make the world a better place by giving a way to promote and fund good projects while an app like DTube aims to reward good contents and original videos.
We are proud today to say that we are working to realize some “cooperation”, to give more visibility to meaningful projects and contents. Fundition will also introduce bonuses in the curation process for any Founders that uses or D.Tube for their updates.
We also invite others DApps to join us in this partnership.

Screenshot-2018-6-15 Fundition io.jpg

Changes in Homepage
The Fundition Homepage has changed and now it looks much better. But with time it will be even better. Changes involved adding new informations related to the features of Fundition, explaining what value Fundition offers and what makes Fundition different from the other Crowdfunding Platforms. You can look at some of the features in this photo.
Fundition has many features and many promises. The three main features of Fundition are: Collaboration, Gamification and Decentralization.
And other features as you can read in the Homepage.

You can find detailed informations in our Purplepaper
or check the homepage directly by clicking here


Better Explore for Backers
Since the number of projects is growing day by day on Fundition and it’s getting harder to catch up with the project that you are interested in, we end up with a better design on the Explore page, and made an order for the projects of our Founders. This is possible by adding many new elements in the Explore page.


Search Bar
With the increasing number of projects we want to give visibility to all the projects in a fair way (in addition to the random appearing of projects). Each Founder will be happy with the tools that belong to them on Fundition, one of them is the search bar, it will make the project of a Founder to be found so easily and directly. With this amazing tool, you can search the project of your friend,family member, relatives or whoever simply by writing the title in the new search bar for projects and you will automatically get the result based on your searching word.


Filter categorization
Spreading the projects of Founders based on the categories of the projects, will make it easier for Backers and Supporters to share the love for the projects upon their interest. The categories are filtered as Innovation,Charity,Art,Education,Personal cause and the Successful projects - that achieved 100% of their funding goals. Whereby in the same time you can find projects with specific filters of specific categorizations almost from every different category possible.

Support some projects based on your interest by clicking here

NOTE: Soon you will have the option to Watchlist the projects that you really care.


Inventory Improvements
Your Fundition inventory shows how much love you can send to the Founders, since sending love and sharing the love is so important in Fundition, thus to support the Founders with their projects, we upgraded the view of the Inventory by adding two more elements into your inventory.
Notifications and Showing the value of your holdings in USD currency


Notification System
We introduce a new Notification system on Fundition. Founders can see how much they got from a donation. This system will be completed with new implementation soon.


Sharing the project
Sharing a project that you personally support and want to spread it all over social medias is now much easier with the new tool that is added to Fundition, Also as a Founder you can share your project easily into other platforms simply by some clicks. This will help for the promotion of the projects even more, also to promote Fundition and the Steem Blockchain at the same time. Also, another tool in Fundition is giving updates to the project simply by using the owning personal tag, so each Founder has his/her own tag in Fundition. Moreover the update can be shared easily in the Social Medias.


Simplified donation options
For your knowledge, in Fundition there are three options to donate.

  • The first one is with Cryptocurrencies, sending directly main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,Monero,Bitshares.. When you send this currencies your donation will automatically be trade into Steem with @blocktrades and it will appear in the Founder wallet.

  • Second option is by using SteemConnect and sending Steem or SBD directly to the person that you are willing to make a donation to. It's on the favor of the Backer, because Steemconnect is secured, the transaction is fast and it does not have fee at all.

  • Third option is with DebitCards but it is not on functionality yet, because we are dealing with platforms that suit the best for us in the case of transactions fees. The platforms that we are dealing with are Coinbase, Changelly and Simplex, let us know in comments if you have any recommendation that’s better. Just a reminder but we do not take Fees at all in Fundition expect only fees for transactions.


Change in currency
Previously in Fundition the currency or the amount of the money that the Backer wanted to send was calculated with Steem Currency, it caused some trouble to the users who didn’t understand them, so we are showing currencies now in USD, so that the users will not be confused.


Added Monero
Lately one more coin was added. You can now make direct donations to the Founder with Monero. You will get the address directly, send it to the address, and help the Founder to be one step closer to his/her goal with your donation.

When choosing an option to send the donation, we simplified it and made it easier to work on it. We are explaining the steps better, giving it a better shape and a better design too.


QR code
Also the good news is that we add the QR code too to make the donation faster. Otherwise you can directly copy the address that you want to send the currency to.


New Translation Languages
Fundition is International with the owning community, which is the first Crowdfunding platform to be community based. It gives a chance for Founders to collaborate with each other and directly with their Backers. Thanks to the work of Fundition’s Ambassadors, the platform is being translated in different languages. If the platform is not available in your language, you can help Fundition for translations simply by contacting any Associate in our Discord Server.
Good news is that Fundition is already working on many devices and browsers to give possibility to the users based on the settings to automatically translate Fundition in their main language.


Giving a good user experience consist to avoid weird behavior from an UI. We are improving the navigation on the whole fundition to give you a fluent platform where you can easily navigate.
For example : when you use a link to share an update it will lead you automatically to the good update.
Furthermore when you are reading some updates and click on the back button, the screen keeps your last position.


Search Engine Optimization is one of our needs since the start. Not only to be able to be found over the web but also to give a nice share experience to Founder or people who want to share projects.

Discord Giveaway
Since we are the biggest and first Crowdfunding community in the globe, we really do care for our community and to keep the interactions as much as possible we have monthly giveaways, and many more changes to come soon, like the Level of the Memberships, we will give a special rank to our Loyal Members in the near future, we will make its announcement in our Discord Channel.

For the Giveaway we do have a Bot in Discord which counts the levels based on interactions and in the end of the month three Members with the highest interactions will be rewarded each with 5 SBD a total of 15 SBD. One more time we want to congratulate the winners of Month May who are @naturicia @misomaniac and @lovebooster.

We are also building new games and quiz mostly based on your knowledge of Steem and Fundition.

If you are not in our Discord channel please come, start to interact, collaborate with the Founders, and increase your interactions and get a chance to win some SBD by doing what you really love, because collaboration with Founder for a better project is something that comes from the heart, to help them achieving their goal and help Fundition to achieve the mission of Changing the world.

Decentralized Admin panel
Improving our platform and our backend are some really important things to our eyes, we have developed a totally decentralized way to manage Fundition for our administrators.

UI/UX Improvement
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confusing and misused terms in our field. UI without UX is like a painter who practices on a canvas without thought; While the UX without UI is like the frame of a paperless sculpture on it. An excellent product experience starts with a user experience followed by a user interface and that’s why we continue to improve it with our ideas and your feedbacks. Both are essential for the success of Fundition and for the comfort of our users.

Fundition to Discord - Automation Start
A big part of our community is on Discord, while we also use many time as team on it. That’s why we built a useful and big tool which handle all of our need in automatization from Steem or Fundition to Discord and vice versa.

Still totally decentralized
While making all of theses updates Fundition is still totally decentralized. Nothing can down the functionalities of Fundition except Steem and soon even Fundition itself will not be able to do it.

Building processes
Having processes on how to operate. will make the operation management easier and will save up to 80% of the time. In our team we will be saving 80% of the time because we are building up the processes of operations on each Scheme, that will make it simpler and easier for each team to cooperate. For team of Associates, Angels, and Ambassadors too. There will be guidelines in our domain, and each team member will have its own decentralized login to the domain of Team. The processes will consist the process of Promotion, Projects, Partnership, Guideline , Development , Community , Guideline ,Translation ,Events.

Just for your information we will release a guidelines for Projects to explain which of them will be supported by Fundition, and what you have to do to get the support of Fundition.

Each Associate member is doing their best to finish the processes as soon as possible, since each member is doing processing of one scheme and will be responsible for that part each 3 month.
Why each 3 months?
While we work as team we love to share our experience and help our mates to gain more knowledge on another domains they may be interested in. So Associates will always work together for 1.5 month and share their knowledge with their mates. No one will be bored to do the same things for a long time.

  • You may find another answer about how the universe of Fundition works in the Astroworkflow part.

"Note: We are giving free tip to some platforms that are based on Steem Blockchain, since they like our job and do similar things that Fundition does."

Astroworkflow - is the workflow of Fundition Astronauts that will send Fundition to the moon! Astroworkflow is an invention of our Pilot - @hightouch which gives the ride of Fundition heading to the moon. We invented the workflow of Fundition how things will work among team members, and Advisors. With this workflow and processes we believe Fundition will be skyrocketing.

Presenting some Geography lectures:
As you know there are layers of Earth atmosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere.

The circles in our Astroworkflow represent the layers of Earth and in each layer there are Representatives that will help Fundition reach the last layer of Exosphere - to the Donors,Backers and Founders.

And we mentioned that each Team Member will change their position every 3 months, because the Mesosphere layer will be rotating constantly, causing each Associate member to change their position each 3 months. With this workflow the Associates will be guru in each Scheme of Fundition.

Now that Fundition has a high Steem Power to help the Founders who really deserve to be funded with the upvote of Fundition. But we want to have a disclaimer for the upvote that we will be fair. We also would like to remunerate people for their curation over Fundition, but we are searching for new ways to do it without buying their votes.

We want to show our appreciation to the Captain BlackSheep aka @ned and the whole Steemit team for his delegation to Fundition and trusting us that we will build a better world with Fundition and Steem Blockchain!

Coming soon:

Stabilizing donations value
While working with cryptocurrencies help us to be more powerful some users are still confused when the price of their donations are changing. We will implement a system which show exactly how much was the value of an amount donated at X time.

Taking benefit of Steem Dev Works and RocksDB
With the latest improvement made by steem developers and the Steem blockchain we will now re-introduce the number of backers and the success rate of a project with a shorter loading time.

Investors to our Founders
The Founders of the projects in Fundition, with a mission to change the world need the support. And we will always try to make them comfortable with their work and in the near future do something that none of the crowdfunding platforms did before. We will directly find Backers for good projects, and also we will be the First Platform to really care about the Founders, by supporting their projects with the support of the investors that we will be dealing with.

We are on negotiations with - Simplex - for Debit Card Payments
For Debit Card payments there are some legal issues, so this is why it will take some time until we will find out which one suits the most to legal processes and to Fundition Founders, to not lose too much with transaction fees.

Automated Verification
Automated Verification will be easier for Founders when doing their project and will give their links of Social Medias, put simply with this verification they will save time and Backers will be able to know if there is someone behind the project.

Watchlist for projects that you really care
Since now Fundition has more projects, finding the one you really care is not that hard to find now thanks to the search bar, but you may forget its title, that’s why we will bring you the option of watchlist in your inventory in the near future.

Localized Currencies
We announced that feature in our last update and we are sorry for the delay. You still may know that we see it as an important feature to have and we will provide the possibility to choose your own currency in few weeks.

Mobile apps
We are stuck to the planning of our roadmap delivered at the launch of Fundition and we started to develop our mobile apps for Android and IOS.

Decentralized Whitelist and Blacklist
Running a crowdfunding platform can make backers vulnerable to some scammy project, we are looking for serious people with serious projects and verification is the issue. This is why we will be working on creating a strong verification process for our Founders. We will create a whitelist based on that and release it publicly. We invite all apps with a strong verification process to cooperate with us to build a strong whitelist which will benefit to most of users.

Make us happy by giving us suggestions/feedback and ideas how to make Fundition better!
See you on the next update, and thank you for your time!

With love,
Fundition Team.

Join Fundition - A community with heart based giving at its core


Fantastic set of updates guys! I really think Fundition has great potential and I'm looking forward to launching a campaign of my own at some point.

I'm happy to see some of the math has been sorted out, it looks like the project totals and % funded are pretty accurate and in agreement! The one thing I'm still concerned about is that backers and supporters still aren't showing a cumulative tally of their contributions. For instance, on the Ithaqa graphic novel project I'm following and supporting, my backer info only reflects I believe my first vote. The campaign founder @drwatson is manually tracking totals within his updates... but this certainly still needs fixed so that founders and backers can see their support over the course of a campaign at a glance. To me, that's the core convenience of the Fundition UI.

In the end, I'd love to see a UI option that merges both the "support" and "backing" total for people who contribute both. I'm only voting now, but plan to also send backer rewards to "top up" what I can achieve with my voting power, and I feel the UI should seamlessly create a total for backers and founders to see and agree on.

Having not played around with the founder backend at all yet, are there tools in place or in planning to help founders directly solicit contact and other needed info to facilitate delivery of project rewards? Just curious, and another suggestion if it's lacking!

Thank you for your feedback @bryan-imhoff, we appreciate it.

Sorry for @drwatson, we will fix that issue in a short delay since we improve our UI day by day with feedbacks and reflexions.

Tools for Founders (and many more things) are coming soon. So keep tuned to see what we prepared for you guys!

Very happy to have joined the Fundition team.

Looking forward to playing a part in taking this important project forward.

It is really big update. Go Fundition...


Artakush runs around the bush with fundition flag!

This is really an incredibly innovative and admirable project! I wish you the best success and support on your way heading to become the leading crowdfunding platform!! I love your project:-))

Right now I go to update my project,
thanks for make our life better.

Very nice post @fundition! My friend have created awesome Steemit t-shirt and I want to share it with our amazing community! More detailed pictures here:
front (7).jpg

During my time at Steemit I have learned a lot and this has changed the way I see things, everything arrives in its moment no matter the time or the place everything depends on the opportunities that may arise and the capacity we have for take advantage of 100%.

We can build a tower of ideas and turn them into reality, if we focus on what we want it sounds like something that only happens in movies but the truth is that in Steemit dreams can come true, with motivation and vision to the future to achieve what we want.

Within Steemit there are endless projects that have great ideas, others that are in full growth as well as some projects with more humanitarian purposes that really leave the name of steemit at the top of the world filling the entire community with pride . These projects generate enough energy in this platform to continue working on innovative projects. This brings a great responsibility, since our most loyal followers are waiting for good content and ideas that can help us grow as a group and we can share this knowledge with the other users that make up the Steemit family.

Fantastic work, I congratulate you for your beautiful work, keep fighting for a better world. @fundition

Awesome progression, keep it up fundition!

Wow! Really great things to come for all participants... Awesome job, Fundition Team!

Awesome project! Since various companies and banks are closing accounts from people who share different opinions it became mandatory to find alternatives. Also it is important to get rid of the fiat money system. Therefore I am quite excited about your project! Keep it up guys! UPVOTED & RESTEEMED!

In my humble opinion, Fundition is a High-end platform at it's most.

I had the pleasure of making my very first projectin there and believe me that for someone like me, that have to dive in every detail at the moment of making a post to reach certain quality about information and visuals, I found at a lovely user interfase and the platform just works perfectly.

I mean... not good, just perfectly!

Im talking about a site made for Founders that must go Back and Forward to change things everytime when you are making your first Porject presentation and re-start thinking about it (because that is what the ones that work hard do... change things everytime :) and the site never made me lost a sentence or a photograph and that's the paradise of the content creator.

The way that the projects are showned, the possibiities that give us as Funders of a project are just amazing and I'm talking just about the DevWork in here.. not the chance that Fundition gives to the world. Just talking about that.

Also interaction between many different ways of raising funds... I mean, see to believe! And for that reason, Cheers @fundition team for making real a new DApp Time as I see.

Peace V!

Very nice words, I think the same as you!

Am so excited am now part of this community.

excellent purposes

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