Fundition presents: @rutablockchain 's project: "Steem Merchants. The adoption of 100 stores that would accept Steem and SBD "

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Holidays are upon us, do you hear them knocking on the door? The new year will start soon and we have just a few more days in this year. Are you planning to take the most from them? One of the ways you can make sure your last days in this year really count for something is to support amazing projects on Fundition platform. We will promote to you one of those projects today. It is done by @rutablockchain and called Steem Merchants. The adoption of 100 stores that would accept Steem and SBD.

Original photo is owned by @rutablockchain

We all aware in what shape Venezuela is right now and what has she been through with a strong economic crisis. The major cause of the crisis is an exchange control that was launched in 2004. The exchange control prevents the acquisition of foreign currency and the regulation of prices in multiple products and raw materials. The government imposes the profit margin and sometimes the final price. As a result, many Venezuelans searched for different ways to earn money on the internet in foreign currencies and a lot of them came to Steemit. Venezuelans also saw in cryptocurrencies an opportunity to save, to invest and generate extra money income. Venezuela is one of the countries with greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This project wants to make a massive merchant adoption for Steem by attracting investment. They will start with a campaign to adopt 100 stores that accept Steem and SBD as a method of payment in the city of Caracas.

The merchant shall receive an induction about Steem and the use of the wallet and he needs to publicly announce through social networks the acceptance of Steem and SBD as a payment method. The project will invest 50% (2,5$) in advertising for the store and the merchant will open a Steemit account to the store and publish the introduceyourself post announcing commercial operations with the cryptocurrencies Steem and SBD. The person in charge of adopting the merchant will conduct an induction talk so that the company knows about Steem, Steemit, their community and how their wallet works.

This project needs 10$ for each affiliated store and for 100 stores it brings the amount of needed funds to 1000 dollars.

The project is still in it early stage and every bit of your help will be greatly appreciated. They have organized to use 10 dollars per store in 3 main activity groups:

  • 50% for the store that will be invested in advertising campaigns on social networks. A publication in Steemit about the store will also be created.
  • 30% as a reward for the person who manages to adopt the store.
  • 20% for Rutablockchain that will be invested in the development of the web, domain and hosting where the shops will be published. In addition to invest half of the total amount in Steem Power


Depending on your level of donation, there are 4 backer rewards you can choose from so open your hearts and donate to receive lovely rewards in return along with a great feeling that you have helped a great project.

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Steem Merchants. The adoption of 100 stores that would accept Steem and SBD and be sure to check the steemit profile @rutablockchain to read about news and updates.

@Rutablockchain is a community that was born in December 2017 and founded by @enmy and @danielvehe. The team is conformed by three talented and brilliant women, they are @glokdm, @madefrance and @dearw and they are promoting and spreading the blockchain technology. They are on a mission to contribute with skills to the society to improve their quality of life through spreading information on blockchain technology encouraging economic, cultural, and emotional development and have a mission to be a community of reference in Venezuela and the world to disseminate tools based on blockchain technology. To learn more about them, visit their website: rutablockchain.

Photo is owned by @rutablockchain

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Thank you very much for the support @fundition not only to our project but to all those who contribute to a better society and who are supported by you. Thanks to @fundition, great things have been achieved in Steem.

Interesting project that will help spread steemit and contribute to the economy of the city. success for team members.

You're ahead of the game in Venezuela

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What an emotion that @fundition dedicates a publication to us in his blog. We are very happy of the support received and motivated to take this project to the highest

@rutablockchain thanks for this project and the opportunity to donate.

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Mira esto @omegafenix seria bien interesante que se implementara en Venezuela. Sería genial y maravilloso que pudieran comprar con Steem en las tiendas.

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