Dreams of The Ocean The Game : Surfing through the Ocean on Fundition.io

in fundition •  5 months ago


Greetings crowdfunding and surfing enthusiast,

We have a present for you today, in the form of a small video game that’s all about hanging ten, catching air, and dodging sharks.

This is Dreams of the Ocean



A game made by Fundition as a means to promote the Dreams of the Ocean project https://fundition.io/#!/@surfermarly/sc2t0haq7 created by @surfermarly. The project aims to raise money in order to organize watersports activities for children, so please check it out and give some kids the chance to learn how to ride the waves. After all, who wouldn’t want to have had that opportunity when they were young?

The game itself doesn’t have any rewards tied to it. We made it just for fun. But, if you do get a high score, you have full bragging rights and you can tie the score to your Steemit account. Just make sure to gather all Steem Tokens to show your skills with doing some figures while avoiding to hit any turtles. The octopuses look shady as well. So go have yourself some fun, playing as @surfermarly, surfing through the ocean.

Link to the game : https://dreamsoftheocean.fundition.io/
Link to the project: https://fundition.io/#!/@surfermarly/sc2t0haq7

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@fundition hello 👋 sir I think the game has become such a interesting thing in today's day. Everybody who is small is very good to play in mobile, laptop, PC, etc. Nowadays older people are busy playing the game. I think your Dreams of The Ocean game will be very good. But I do not understand it. Dreams of The Ocean game can be found in the Android mobile play store ??? Is it a paid game ??

Oh my God, I don't know what to say... that's amazing!! 😍😍😍
Now I know what you @hightouch meant when you said that you guys were preparing a surprise... Just incredible!

I was breaking into laughter when I discovered that one can surf the game as @ned :-D Haha! Hopefully he's gonna like it, too.


You just made my day!!!
Thank youuuuu team @fundition, love you lots!!!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Well done my dear friend @fundition.
This game is very beautiful.so I like it this good game.give me a upvote done sir.
Thanks for sharing your post.
Upvote and restemit done... best of luck@fundition sir...

Congratulations...fundition.. you are really so beautiful ideas...

I like the idea of helping children play - kudos!

I love this idea
Great concept @fundition
Awesome work @surfermarly

Ingin rasanya bergabung dengan @fundition

Great project, player enjoying the game while helping others.

Very good ideas, congratulations

The game is very beautiful according to your comment. I hope that I will play the game. Thank you for giving an idea about this. You are a wise person.

Haaaa that's creative! All the animals and all. I was dead already 5 times in let than 5 mins LOLOL !!! Funny that instead of cartoon character or something you have ned and surfermarly her self to choose from :D haha

I am gonna play this game

I am very impressed with your creative ideas. happy read every post you.
success always makes @fundition.
warm greetings from me

480 is my best.
Must practice more ;)


Hahaha, I hit 15 at my very first attempt. Seems that I'm (still) better at surfing in the water :-D But hey, I will practice!! :-)))
Have a great weekend @leotrap


Same SM! :)

Ill play this game.. ;)

This game is really cutest and cool.. I've try it but I never win 😀😀

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This game is really cutest and cool.. I've try it but I never win 😀😀

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It was my first surfing experience and best level I could achieve is 140 :D

What an amazing idea, and awesome game, can't wait to play it lol :)
Also congrats to @fundition for keep growing this awesome idea to helps us each other and build a chain of good things, and congrats to @surfermarly for the amazing project.

Amazing game, kudos to the Fundition team :D

Hi @fundition. can I translate this post to Indonesian?

This must be very brilliant for @surfermarly on the brink of making her visions come to pass, fundition is really do a whole lot to enhance projects and communicaties, amazing prospect too, heading over to check out the post


Yes, it definitely is!! :-)

I like it.Game is my first hobby

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Cant wait to play the @fundition curate game..wohooo ha ha love to see you guys and congrats for making partnership in @utopian.io and @fundition.io congrats both of you. You are both good teams.