KINGDOM. SBD is coming

in fundition •  2 months ago  (edited)


The first flowers appeared in our courtyard. Unfortunately, winter came back in the evening, so we are still waiting for spring. While waiting, we are planning the next step of Steem implementation.

We want our guests to be able to use SBD in our Kingdom. We also want to link our own coin called "rycar" with SBD. "The silver rycar" will have a value of half SBD, "golden" one will be worth 1 SBD. Thanks this solution people who do not use mobile applications will be able to use SBD as a coin.


Of course we have a mint and we create "rycars" ourselves. The coin depicts our patron - poet Zbigniew Herbert.


On March 11 we did ninth tasting of our chocolates. After 29 days milk chocolate (60%) is less intensive but still quite good. The same with "dark" (75%), but it is more bitter. A sediment on dark is still small. On milk is much bigger (~50%).


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