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April is coming to an end and soon everyone will be able to spend SBD in our place. One of the attractions will be virtual reality. Trials in March and April have confirmed that this is an addictive pastime and a powerful educational tool. Currently we have one Oculus Go goggle but we are going to buy more. We also bought some games and applications. Soon everyone will be able to use them.

Here is a list of 360-degree pictures taken in March and April in our Kingdom:

The night of board games
Our courtyard
Rimland gameplay
Singing evening
Our courtyard
Stage view
Rimland gameplay
Rimland gameplay
Spring in the courtyard

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Cool. I have an Oculus Go headset too :) I generally prefer photos / videos to be Stereo 3D 180 (or 360) but even flat is still more immersive than traditional rectangular photo.

360 3D (with headset) > 360 (with headset) > 360 (on screen) ;)

O kurczaki, nie ogarnąłem jak cyknąłeś to zdjęcie :P

świetny post :) wpadnijcie też do mnie i zostawcie like za like i follow za follow pozdro :D