KINGDOM. Implementation of the SBD

in fundition •  2 months ago 


In April we are going to to implement SBD in our Kingdom, so our guests will be able to use this cryptocurrency for example on tea or chocolate, or even VR. Moreover we will link our own coin called "rycar" with SBD. "The silver rycar" will have a value of half SBD, "golden" one will be worth 1 SBD. Thanks this solution people who do not use mobile applications will be able to use SBD as a coin.

The rycars will also be a reward for the work for our local community, such as organizing events or cleaning up our place. The rycar deposits will be saved in the Steem blockchain.


BTW, Saturday 6 April will be an open day. We will start at 6 pm. As always we will play board games. The last game has been described by @wawrzyniec. Here.

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