KINGDOM. February 26

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The weather is quite ok. Anyway our Kingdom is constantly struggling with the cold. The building has been built in 19th century and the temperature is always like in a cellar. The heating season lasts even until mid-May, so we still chop wood... and talk about Steem.


@foggymeadow and @romualdd




Our almost spring courtyard...

On February 26 we did sixth tasting of our chocolates. After 13 days milk chocolate (60%) is still very good. "Dark" (75%) this time was better than previous ones (it is a big surprise). A sediment on both of them is very small.


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Cześć @foggymeadow
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Cześć @pdj85coexist! ;)


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@romualdd jak zawsze w pełnej krasie! A tak poza tym: to znowu czas, aby wybrać się do KBK!


A tak poza tym: to znowu czas, aby wybrać się do KBK!
Najwyższy czas! :D