The 1UP Fundition Campaign To Support The Development Of The Community Voting System

in fundition •  2 months ago

I am creating the 1UP fundition campaign today under our new @steem-1up account. We will try to collect $5000 for our open source voting platform including its own Smart Media Token project. We have already started the development with @stoodkev thanks to some private funding. But the low bear market makes our plan more difficult which is where Fundition campaign and its @Utopian-io association comes in. It is fitting as we have both the Fundition platform as well as Utopian as one of our ten starting communities on 1UP.

For more infos about 1UP please check out my latest official Utopian blog post

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Awesome. I will look for you on fundition once I’m back on my laptop.

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Hell yah! Imma resteem this and head to fundition and help in my small way.

Great to see this come about and take shape. Can't stop @Flauwy

Go for it dude! Sign me up1!