Crypto Art Challenge - Fundition for #sndbox

in fundition •  5 months ago

My entry creation inspired by Egon Schiele


@sndbox is offering up another fun Crypto and Art Design Challenge Round-13 so you should check it out and join in. It is in connection with @fundition.

We were asked to use the fundition logo and incorporate it into a design inspired by one of our favourite artists.

I chose Egon Schiele, a student and contemporary of Klimt. I have always loved Schiele's drawing style and his emaciated figures. I thought using this style would be a kind of different way to approach the two clasped hands of the fundition logo (which also had to be incorporated).

I used the logo free-hand in the models head dress and then used Photoshop post drawing to add it as background and I played with it as part of an Egon Schiele style signature in the lower right.

As usual, the due date is today and I am just getting it in under the wire, but as I have said many times Summer is my busiest season.

I hope you enjoy it and watch at #sndbox @sndbox for the next round of crypto inspired design.

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very nice ! <3 colors and also line art is great as always Donna ,


Thanks and good luck I LOVED yours!

What an interesting and challenging assignment. I like how you delivered your entry. The woman's mask reminds me of Catwoman ^^.

I already saw couple of entries in this,yours takes the Cake so far!


Thank you :)

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nice picture, @donnadavisart ! love the style and the colours are very stylish, also ! Good luck in the contest !!!


Thanks, did you enter?


No, I didn't ! I mean, I knew about it, but I just don't quite gel with the logo haha...

It's really a beautiful entry! I love the palette of colors you have chosen! ^_^


Thanks @silviabeneforti, did you enter?

Love this piece and the color tones used. Resteemed.