Flood Relief in South Indian state of Kerala - Update 6 - 28/Aug/2018

in fundition •  6 months ago

Dear Steemians,

This is the sixth update post for the Fundition.io project I have created with regards to the fundraising for flood relief activities in the form of the donations to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund in the South Indian State of Kerala with a link to the Fundition.io project: https://fundition.io/#!/@coolguy123/9a52q7rmd


I would like to clarify something with regards to this project as per discussion with couple of people from Fundition.

I got to know today that, Fundition is donating to this cause in the form of bigger upvotes from Fundition account and just like any other votes, the votes provided by Fundition will be with 25% curation value and remaining 75% will be divided into 37.5% Steem and 37.5% of Steem Power.

So, considering these, the final value of say 40 SBD worth vote will be 40 SBD minus 10 SBD worth curation and remaining 30 SBD will be divided into 15 SBD worth Steem and 15 SBD worth Steem Power.

So, the point behind this calculation is that, the final funding value from Fundition will be 37.5% of Steem which can be used for the money transfer and all other amounts i.e. remaining 37.5% worth Steem Power cannot be used immediately and as per guidelines from Fundition team, it needs to powered up.

So, to achieve a goal of 1500$, we need approximately 3 times of that amount worth upvotes and that means the goal should be set as 4500$.

Considering the current Steem situation, I am not sure whether I can set a goal of 4500$ in order to receive 1500$ worth donations.

I hope this clarifies with all the followers of this project that the amount shown on fundition.io is NOT the actual amount which we realize when the an update post reaches payout.

I can be reached with any clarifications on this and I would be glad to explain further on the calculation.


Kerala Updates for today:

The state government today confirmed that a team from Central government will be visiting Kerala tomorrow to asses the relief measures undertaken by banks and insurers .

Meanwhile, the President of Indian National Congress party, Mr. Rahul Gandhi visited Kerala today and checked the rehabilitation camps.

The Cochin International Airport is re-scheduled to be operational from tomorrow with Jet Airways and Indigo Airlines confirming their availability from tomorrow.

The count of people in rehabilitation is decreased but still about 3.42 Lakh people are said to be in rehabilitation camps.

The Indian Meteorology Department has said that the rain will continue for another 48 hours in Kerala.


While the flood relief help in the form of money, food items and other necessary items continues to pour in, the Chief Minister of Kerala confirmed today that, the damage due to flood is much more than the earlier estimate of INR 20,000 Crore Rupees

I would like to conclude this update by re-iterating the followers of this blog to read about the calculations I have included at the beginning of this blog with regards to the actual amount we get from this project inspite of the amount being displayed on fundition.io website for this project

Thank you all and Thank you Fundition for continual support.

It was a pleasure talking to @pennsif and @addicttolife aka Mimee regarding the funds difference after post payout and I am always grateful for their continued support and suggestions to my queries.

Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Good morning dear sir, thank you for the clarification all the terms, so what is suggestion for me, I think I should increase my donation value can I donate again to support this noble cause, dear sir please suggest the better way and amount what we should donate, in this regard as I will personally try to convey my friends for this noble cause as its win win situation because they will be rewarded as well, for their noble support.
It's better to know the life of Kerala is settling to normal.
Another 48 hours heavy rain alert 😰 It's something not good and may cause another series of flood.
God please save the peoples of Kerala.
Dear sir Good Luck for your efforts.
God Bless You.



Thanks for your willingness to pay more for this cause. If possible, you can donate again, but I would suggest to spread news about this project to others so that we will have donations from others as well.

I am thinking of keeping the goal to 1500$ itself and to make the donation of 500$ to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund as per the calculations explained above, so that, it won't get into months as it's only Fundition which is making bigger donations.

Thanks for your understanding and willingness to help with this cause.

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