Beginning of the puppet workshop, Update #7 "Puppets in the community PROJECT"

Hi Steemians

Beginning of the puppet workshop, Update #7 "Puppets in the community PROJECT"

Welcome to this seventh update of the Puppets in the community project aimed at training children in the wonderful and magical art of puppet theater, as well as Blockchain education and ecological education.

I had to make some adjustments in the calendar of activities, postponing some activities related to theatrical exercises to start making the puppets, it seems to be the most motivating part that children find in the workshop, choosing their own plastic bottles, accumulating other materials such as white paper, newspaper, and bits of cloth to start making their own dolls as soon as possible is something that really excites them.

So, without thinking twice, I wisely decided to move forward to the schedule so that the children could give free rein to their imagination. At the moment we are in the first phase of the manufacturer that is the one of sticking the paper to the plastic bottle in order to go lining and detailing little by little the factions that will have each puppet, for it I have resorted to some explanations related to proportions of the human body adapted to the caricatures, giving to understand that for being dolls we can exaggerate the features as commonly they are done in the caricatures.

One of the things that I have highlighted the most are the autochthonous roots, Venezuela is a country that for 500 years has suffered a lot of cultural ethnic transformations, the Spanish settlers brought captured as slave animals from Africa, which at first were slaves who were destined to replace the aborigines who were practically exterminated, African slaves in the American continent served to build and maintain the cities that were growing by leaps and bounds, but not everything was slavery they also brought with them their African culture and this was mixed in less than 100 years with the Spanish roots and the few aboriginal roots, which resulted in the richest intercultural mix I have ever been able to appreciate.

Although we also have cultural problems that have affected the population that has been losing part of its identity, for example, the children told me that they wanted to make puppets inspired by superheroes of American culture, that is where my work as a cultural educator comes in to guide them to design and be inspired by the cultural roots so rich in mixture that we have and after a little sincerity in the subject understood that it was much better to try to highlight the features of our African, European and aboriginal mixture.

We have also talked about ecology and how we can transform simple bottles of plastic and paper that are destined for garbage into real works of art.

After finishing the heads of the dolls I will continue with the classes of projection, diction, and discussion of the final script for the work based on the blockchain, the days pass fast and the children are so eager to learn and continue making their puppets that at the end of the hours established for the workshop they want to stay until later to continue working on their project, in less than 2 days they already feel the project as something very intimate and that gives life to the community, all talk about the project and want to participate more children than I had estimated.

In short, everything seems very fabulous to me and I'm still excited. I will continue informing in the next updates as is the course of this project that began as a simple idea that I wanted to share in the community of steemit and today has become a reality thanks to mass funding with which this community has benefited.

For more information about the project follow this link Puppets in the community PROJECT

If you want to learn how to make your own recycled puppet.

Special recognition a:

@chbartist I invite you to visit this blog, which will serve my Venezuelan brothers very much to grow in the community. is currently a witness of the community

@r2cornell another great user who donates to important projects like @aid.venezuela

@mariusfebruary Great advocate for various causes in the steemit community

@canadian.coconut Concerned about human rights and bringing that voice to the chain of blocks.

Thank you for reading


I can see the children are focused on their tasks. It is good to see them excited about learning.

Hi. Thank you for appreciating. For a moment I thought the workshop would be a bit tedious but it has been the opposite are very excited and concentrated

Thank you for the update. Looks like workshop is progressing nicely.

Hi. Thank you for appreciating. Yes, everything is going better than I expected. I'll keep you posted on what I can.

Fascinating change of is wonderful to see the children excited about their project. I look forward to the progression of this workshop.

Thank you for supporting and closely following the development of the workshop. I have material that I should upload but time is not with me.

Hola @arrozymangophoto.
Acabo de ver tu post en el blog de @r2cornell
Realmente una hermosa sorpresa.
Tengo recuerdos muy hermosos de Upata.
Así que tu blog ha removido mis entrañas.
Amo el enseñar y aprender de otros da sentido a mi vida.
cuenta con mi humilde apoyo en todo lo que pueda hacer desde esta pagina.
Feliz vida.

Gracias por leer la publicación. Eres de upata? .. para mi es útil que la gente conozca el proyecto ya que le dare continuidad.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo.. saludos @mariita

Hola @arrozymangophoto.
Soy y vivo en Caracas.
Pero viaje por esa zona con mis padres , hace ya algunos años.
Tengo recuerdos muy gratos de ese viaje.
Estaré atenta al proyecto.
feliz vida.

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@arrozymangophoto, Sounds very unique and fun project. And definitely kids are showcasing so much enthusiasm and passion into it, so without any doubt this project will attain the Fruitful results. Keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

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Hello friend... thank you for appreciating and supporting this project.

The funniest thing is to see how children learn.

Follow more publications to see l @chireerocks

Welcome and keep up the creative work. Have a great time ahead.

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