Nutrition and Cataract

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Several studies have found that the long-term use of supplements of various types are related to lower occurrences of common age-related eye diseases, suggesting that diet may play a role. Researchers tracked the development of cataracts during a five-year period among more than 3,000 people aged 43 to 86. Risk of cataracts was 60% lower among people who took multivitamins or any supplement containing vitamin C or E for more than 10 years. However, using supplements for shorter amounts of time were not associated with reduced risk. But those people who reported taking supplements containing vitamin C or E were also more likely to report engaging in other healthy habits such as regular exercise, the study shows. Such unmeasured lifestyle differences between supplement users and nonusers may help explain the findings.


A cataract can be described simply as an opacification of the lens of the eye such that one you cannot see well through. You seem to be looking through a cloud or a haze. The haze vary in size, density and location, hence its effect on vision vary. Many people experience a general reduction in vision at first; they need more light to read by or they have difficulty with street signs when they're driving. A cataract also can affect depth perception. This can be a particular danger to older people whose risk for injury from falls and accidents is greatest. Cataracts tend to worsen over time. Almost 40 million people in the United States suffer from cataracts. Only 15 per cent of people are affected with cataracts by age 55, but the figure jumps to 50 per cent by age 75, and 90 per cent by age 85. Of all the eye diseases, cataracts are the most amenable to treatment with conventional medical methods.


The Role of Nutrition in Cataract Prevention
Although not fully understood, One theory is that free radicals -- natural but damaging substances formed in the body during daily activities -- may make the eye more susceptible to disease including cataracts. As a person ages, the formation of free radicals increases, explaining why these conditions are common in elderly people, But antioxidant vitamins, like vitamins C and E, may help protect healthy cells from free radical damage. Antioxidants can help if a person already has cataract formation by slowing the progress, but if it is more advanced or if there is already clouding of the lens, stronger dosages of certain nutrients may be recommended. The eyes are susceptible to free radical damage and protecting them from damage with antioxidants as well as avoiding the overuse of sugar is a good way to help protect against cataract.


The Food we eat impact our health in a lot of ways, the eyes been no exception, it is thus pertinent that we eat well and practice a healthier lifestyle full of exercise and proper diet regime. You eyes are your window to this scenery of this world. Take Good Care of It. Frequent visit to your optometrist is highly recommended.



What is @bettervision about?

@bettervision is is a project initiated by @nattybongo and friends to give back to the society the knowledge and skill acquired through the Optometric Studies in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.It is an outreach system where we visit the less privileged communities to offer free eye screening services and education to the people within the community

To reduce or prevent vision loss through diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and refractive errors.

To enlighten the majority of the Ghanaian population about the importance of proper visual care.

To conscientize people on the need for regular eye checks

To get more people to have their wards screened within the Critical periods of a Child’s Vision Development; thus from ages 3 to till about 10 years.

To help the blind and people with low vision live a better life within the society through education of the general public to stop stigmatization.

To help in the fight of extreme poverty that puts the health of people at risk


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