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Astigmatism is a type of refractive error where the meridians of the eyes has different focal powers or different refractions. In astigmatism light entering the light is brought to a focus at any point aside the retina where image transduction occurs, it occurs differently in the different meridian of the eye which results in blurred vision at all distances. The variation in the meridian of the eye may attributed to either the lens in which case it is referred to as lenticular astigmatism or to the cornea which is otherwise known as cornea astigmatism. In some cases cornea scarring may also result in astigmatism. Surgical intervention in some pathology and refractive cases may also result in astigmatism.


Astigmatism may be seen in addition to some other conditions, the common of which include; Nystagmus which is uncontrollable movement of the eye, Cataract which is opacification of the crystalline lens within the eye that focuses light on the retina, Ptsosis is also known as dropping eyelid, it pushes pressure on the curvature of the cornea leading to astigmatism, Inflammations in and around the ocular adnexa may also lead to astigmatism. Albinism is a condition in which there in lack or inadequate production of melanin in the system or eyes, it has lots of downsides and one of them include astigmatism


Common symptoms associated with Astigmatism include eye strain, discomfort, headache, dry eye, sensitivity to light or photophobia and blurred vision. The blurred vision is as result of the light not focusing on the retina when it happens like that the eyes go into overdrive mood as it tries to enable you to see, accommodation may come in place this results in the eye strain, because this not how it is supposed to happen you begin to feel discomfort, the different meridians result in non-uniform scattering of light resulting in photophobia, the sensitivity of the cornea gets reduced as a result, the blinking process is impeded and this also result in dry eye syndrome.


Classifications of Astimatism
Astigmatism may be classified into physiological and pathological, it may further be grouped into regular and irregular astigmatism based on whether the refractive power changes uniformly from one meridian to another or not, the latter of which forms the irregular astigmatism. Retina astigmatism is seen in conditions where the macular of a patient or individual is not flat but rather oblique.


Astigmatism may be treated using either conservative methods or surgical intervention. Patients may be prescribed or given spectacles, contact lenses either soft or rigid based on the power and the type of astigmatism or toric lenses. Patient may also opt for Lasik treatment, astigmatic keratotomy, photorefractive keratectomy or orthokeratology among others.

Astigmatism fall under refractive errors which currently the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world with the higher percentage been in developing countries. People still need to be educated and enlightened and helped. This is what we do as a team, we help others who are less privileged better their vision. Their vision is our priority and the very help the blockchain gives us goes a long way to help lots of these people. We are grateful to our supporters and backers for the love they have shown us so far and continue to do so. May the good Lord richly bless y’all.


William J. Benjamin, Borish's Clinical Refraction, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Inc, Philadelphia.
Brad Bowling. 2016, Kanski’s Clincal Ophthalmology, 8th Edition, Elsevier Limited, Australia.


What is @bettervision about?

@bettervision is is a project initiated by @nattybongo and friends to give back to the society the knowledge and skill acquired through the Optometric Studies in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.It is an outreach system where we visit the less privileged communities to offer free eye screening services and education to the people within the community

To reduce or prevent vision loss through diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and refractive errors.

To enlighten the majority of the Ghanaian population about the importance of proper visual care.

To conscientize people on the need for regular eye checks

To get more people to have their wards screened within the Critical periods of a Child’s Vision Development; thus from ages 3 to till about 10 years.

To help the blind and people with low vision live a better life within the society through education of the general public to stop stigmatization.

To help in the fight of extreme poverty that puts the health of people at risk


Our greatest gratitude goes to @fundition @adollaraday @surfyogi @girlsfoundation @bleepcoin @ackza @indigoocean @nanzo-scoop @steemstem @demotruk @pennsif @steem-ambassador @kasho and @wafrica for helping to make the aims and objectives of @bettervision a reality.

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