Gymnastics Class Update

in fundition-v0yslrwgq •  11 months ago 
Upfundme Compliance - Gymnastics Classes for my Son, @bloopy

Goal: $78
Progress: $0.56!/@popschools/v0yslrwgq


Gymnastics classes are on Fridays. Last week I went in to settle the bill and I was told, it was fine. They would wait for the voucher and notate my account. Yesterday, I received another invoice but this time with a nasty tone, letting me know that my kid can't participate until the bill is paid.

I'm now considering paying them the cash today and leaving the gym entirely. I'm being triggered by the aggressive collections attitude they're giving me. Gym class is not a need and there are other places in town.

This is a hard season for me. It has been for some years now. It's recertification season for student loan payment plans and Medicaid. Now is when I am forced to face that I still haven't made it out of financial dependence. I have to answer to the state and I can't ignore that things are not okay.

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