Ithaqa Steemit RPG Week 5 Fight Monsters, Win Steem!

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Hey all, here is another week for us to investigate mysteries and fight monsters together. Gotta say this is one of my favorite things I've brought to steemit. It feels like we're building a whole horror ecosystem here.

Last weeks results can be seen here:

Our winners were @la-fumettista, @jrej, @paulavg, and @nyarlathotep! Congrats, I'll be sending you 1 steem each!

Now that we have enough players, I'm matching people up with a random number generator, so if you don't like the matchups, blame fate!


Pick A Faction: Investigators, Cultists, or Mythos Creatures (if you haven't already).

Comment below with your faction pick (or your pre-existing character if you have already played before).

Pick a Starting Stat, and mention it in your comment: Mythos or Stamina

As your character wins or loses, your stats will go up or down, and that will add buffs or debuffs to your roll.

I will randomly match two players up via RNG.
I will roll dice (
Winner of each match will be 100% Upvoted, earning you STEEM after 7 days.

All human characters will have a starting Sanity rating of 5, and every loss will cost 1 sanity point. If you get to 0, your character is insane! Start again! If you are a mythos creature, you will have a starting Power stat of 5, which functions the same way.

(( RESTEEM THIS POST )) FOR BONUS HIT-POINTS: Random Weapon Generator:

(Example: Hazel [12] / Rat-Thing [8]) WITHOUT RESTEEM BONUS
(Example: Hazel [12] / Rat-Thing [8]+{5 Weapon}=[13])

I will write some fun flavor text to describe the encounter that happens between you and your opponent, and hopefully this will be a fun way to help raise money for the actual comic!!/@drwatson/t2b3d2ijh

Our current rankings are (based upon number of victories):

  1. @la-fumettista,The Investigator, Hazel. Her main stat is stamina, and because of her wins she's got +3 to her rolls. Hazel's sanity is 5
  2. @nyarlathotep, The Pallid Husk, has a Sanity of 5 and a Mythos stat of +2
  3. @effofex The Cultist, has 3 Sanity and +2 to his Mythos stat
  4. @javo1096, Tulem Kolkochsky, has a Sanity of 4 and a Mythos stat of +1
  5. @jrej the Bulky Investigator, has 4 Sanity left and Stamina + 1
  6. @paulavg, the Mythos Creature has 4 Power left and Mythos +1
  7. @bryan-imhoff, The Mythos based Rat-Thing, has had his Power reduced to 2, but has a Mythos stat of +1.
  8. @mountainwashere is a Stamina based, silent investigator. His Sanity is 4 (1 week inactive)
  9. @nateaguila, the Cultist has had his Sanity reduced to 4. (1 week inactive)
    10.@eyedrip, The Mythos-based Flickering One, has had their Power reduced to 4 (1 week inactive)

Non-active players will be removed from the rankings after 3 weeks

If you have any friends or family who might be interested in a Lovecraftian horror comic, please send them to our website to sign up for some free pages!

Additionally, If you're new to this comic I strongly recommend you check out our instagram, as I'm currently uploading pages every day.


Theresa Chiechi's (The Artist @la-fumettista) website is here:

Sign up to buy the comic on our website:

Twitter: @IthaqaComic

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I’ve grown weak and complacent... my power fades and soon I may be lost to the void. I must invoke the ritual power of RęŚtęęm as I fashion a weapon with which to defend... and avenge myself.


Tulem recovers his air sitting in a corner of the barn, anxiety runs through his nervous system and thinks of lighting another cigarette, with a quick look-around of the environment he notices how much of a bad idea would be to bring out the lighter in a closed space full of dry hay. Gets up and says to @jrej: "Thank you for that, now lets get this over with before we appear in the newspaper as 'two men crushed by hay'".

Upvoted and Resteemed, so far loving this dynamic story telling excercise.


✨Saved by her knight in shining armor ✨



Knights in shining armor is a thing of the past... how about Cultists in Tattered Robes?!?


I love this so much. so so so so much.

Thank you for this gift

Last time, I forgot the knife, damn my tattered robe! Good thing it was the knife and not my keys, though, I'd have to sleep on the streets then... and leave my precious altar alone for who-knows-how-many-nights.

Carefully, he tucks the knife in the fold of his yellow robes, clumsily drops the keys and picks them up again, and gets out of his house for another night stalking for the right victim. Fuck! Forgot my mobile inside!

(Resteemed this time!)