Free Eye Screening For SHS Students Day 2

Even Through The Darkest Night The Sun Shall Rise Again For There Is Always Light At The End of the Tunnel


Day Two of the Outreach was a success and we owe lots of thanks to our benefactors and benefactress, our volunteers who continually give out their all to charitable work in the aims of ensuring that people of all caliber especially those in the deprived communities has the best of their vision possible.



The focus was still on the students however we had some staff coming into to get their eyes checked, and lots of interesting findings came up. I guess opportunistic screening is always a good thing to get yourself involved. Some suspicious disks were brought to notice and referrals were made to nearby eye clinics since glaucoma is not an issue that should be dealt with lightly. Most of the students however had normal eyes with good vision and no pathological indications which was a good thing for both parties.



In preparation towards World Sight Day which comes off on the 10th of October, lots of outreaches would be conducted to ensure that the communities obtains the best from what they gave us in the form of education.


For it is always better to give than to receive

What is @bettervision about?

@bettervision is is a project initiated by @nattybongo and friends to give back to the society the knowledge and skill acquired through the Optometric Studies in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.It is an outreach system where we visit the less privileged communities to offer free eye screening services and education to the people within the community

To reduce or prevent vision loss through diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and refractive errors.

To enlighten the majority of the Ghanaian population about the importance of proper visual care.

To conscientize people on the need for regular eye checks

To get more people to have their wards screened within the Critical periods of a Child’s Vision Development; thus from ages 3 to till about 10 years.

To help the blind and people with low vision live a better life within the society through education of the general public to stop stigmatization.

Our greatest gratitude goes to @fundition @surfyogi @girlsfoundation @bleepcoin @ackza and @wafrica for helping to make the aims and objectives of @bettervision a reality.

This is me @nattybongo reporting for @bettervision. Thanks for your time


Lets Keep on Spreading the Love

Kudos guys, well done

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Thanks very much for this selfless offer for our brothers and sisters in SHS.

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