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Hello my Fellow Steemians

Today I worked on additions to the onboard water generation system.

I started by drilling several holes to create a 3" diameter hole right next to the dehumidifier so the bio sand filter could be placed next to it.


I then inserted a 1/2" piece of vinyl tubing into the overflow of the dehumidifier. This will allow the water to overflow into the biosand filter.


I needed to create an 8" standoff between the biosand filter and the floor of the trailer. I cut some scrap pieces of 2x4' to 8" and 2 to 4" and screwed some 2" long deck screws to fasten them together.


Here's the biosand raised 8" after adding the standoff. Perfect height to allow the dehumidifier to flow into the filter.


I connected a hose to make sure I could make the attachment. The hose will run outside so gravity will fill a container.


Here is the current set up. I still need to add some tie downs to keep everything in place for travel.


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That's an interesting way to get some water, but since you live in a humid climate, it should work pretty well.


Yeah! We'll see how well it works out. Water collection from rain water catchment will be another method.

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