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Good Evening My wonderful Human Beings and Fellow Steemians!

Remember when I said I found that deal last night by a final look at craigslist? Well……the deal worked out and I have procured the base of the Surthrival trailer project! The trailer!


Where should the Vinyl logo be placed Fellow Steemians?

Here is the bill of sale and another big shout out to @ernesthancock and his websites. Ernie and I talked about putting a pirate Vinyl on there too to spread the pirate code! Yo ho Yo Ho a Pirates life for me!


Here's another couple photo's of the trailer in its new home.



The next step is to document the process of mounting the solar panels and wiring the sol-ark system inside the trailer. All project documentation can be found @surthrival.

Thank you for your time reading my project update!

cropped-LogoV1-2.png Peace and Joy @makinstuff

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Very nice trailer makinstuff, everyone needs to have a good trailer. I would so love to have an enclosed trailer, up in the NW the weather can destroy the decking. Keep us posted on the progress!!!



Thanks brother! yeah this guy will be my base of operations once I finish it, and plan to take it all around to demo it.

Excellent to see the project underway with the purchase of the trailer.

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Thanks Brother, I really appreciate all your support!